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  • Dr. Johnson C. Philip - No Virus Attack in Last 6 Years!

    I am a power-user, visit too many websites, keep the computer always online via broadband, and typically turn it off only once a week. This is ideal condition for viruses and trojans to get on to my computer -- and they did use to get on to my machine. However, slightly more than six years ago I discovered Avira and also (not related) Zone Alarm Pro. The first one is an anti-virus, anti-trojan (which I am reviewing) and the second one is a firewall.

  • Mike - Doesn't power back on after sleep mode

    We ordered this for our 13 year old for his birthday. This was our first experience with a Chromebook. The computer would not power back on after it went into sleep mode. We contacted both Toshiba and Google's tech support, but neither could solve the problem. We returned the Toshiba for a replacement. The replacement experienced the same problem, so we're now returning the Chromebook for a refund.

  • Dan the Man - Best value on the market -- use it any gas fuel for both 4 cycle and 2 cycle engines.

    This stuff works .... I picked up on it online when watching a few You tube videos. I thought I would try it as it was less than half the cost of products that I know also work. I have 4 cars so that adds up quickly. Since this product seems to work well I have what I can say is the Best Value. Note I also add it to my 2 cycle fuel that is used in my Poulan chainsaw, Toro line trimmer and Echo blower. Finally I add it to the gas in my 4 cycle lawnmower. Results for all has been noticeable increased performance and easier more reliable starting for all of them. Instructions are on back for all the various applications but you better have your eye glasses on cause the number of uses are so many.

  • Bill - This book is invaluable!

    When on my jet ski in the Chesapeake bay this summer I was confronted by a huge ship moving up the channel. You can imagine my horror when I realized I had only 1 hour and 45 minutes or so before the lumbering behemoth was sure to pass through my area. With no place to hide and only a water jet propelled small craft beneath me for transport, I quickly withdrew my Kindle Fire from the storage compartment beneath my seat and preceded to read the book How To Avoid Huge Ships. One hour later and with only 45 minutes to spare, I implemented the expert advice provided by the author and turned my jet ski in the opposite direction of the huge ship to avoid certain disaster.

  • Andrew Knight - Great product but deeply flawed... not a "consumer" device

    I ordered our GoPro HD Hero3 Silver in advance of a family ski-trip out west. First thing you notice is buying a GoPro is just the beginning -- there are no end of accessories you'll end up tempted by (we got the Chesty harness, a 64GB SanDisk MicroSD card, and eventually bought more curved surface mounts at a local shop).

  • inspector5385 - Baby Blue is Breaking Bad's music

    Every time I hear this song it brings me back to Breaking Bad's finial episode where Walter White comes to peace with what he did to himself and his family.