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  • http://www.drridwan.com/health-talk-shows/about.php Health Talk Show - Ask The Doctor - Health Information - Dr. Ridwan Show - www.DrRidwan.com - Dr. Ridwan created his web-based medical talk show, “The Dr. Ridwan Show” to provide reliable information in health and answer medical questions. Ask doctor a question!
  • http://www.drridwan.com/about/bio-photo.php Ridwan Shabsigh, MD: Biography - Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh has focused his research on men’s health and the treatment of sexual dysfunctions as well as the role of sexual dysfunction in men’s health issues such as hypertension, depression, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome.
  • http://www.drridwan.com/contact/index.php Contact Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh – Urology and Sexual Health Specialist - Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh’s urology practice is conveniently located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. To make an appointment call (718) 283-7746
  • http://www.drridwan.com/health-talk-shows/index.php Mens Medical Talk Show - Doctors Talk Show - Ask the Doctor - Mens Health - www.DrRidwan.com - Dr. Ridwan introduces his show on men's health, "Why Are Men Dying Younger and Suffering More?" - www.DrRidwan.com
  • http://www.drridwan.com/health-talk-shows/guest-experts.php Mens Health Talk Show - Shows With Doctors - Guest Experts - www.DrRidwan.com - The medical experts on the Dr. Ridwan show, including Dr. Ridwan himself, discuss hot topic in health such as heart disease, sexual dysfunction, breast and cervical cancers, menopause, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, providing their unique insights and advice.
  • http://www.drridwan.com/make-a-show-suggestion/ Make a Show Suggestion Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh Urology and Sexual Health Specialist - Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh's urology practice is conveniently located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. To make an appointment call (718) 283-7746
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  • Phil McCaffrey - Less tests than before, sad.

    I am very disappointed in the new "Official" ACT Prep Guide. It only has three practice tests and the content lessons are worthless. This book is not worth the money, unless it is the only practice you can get your hands on. Come on ACT, why do one worse than the College Board, when the stepped into a pile of stink with the new SAT and gave you more of the market.

  • William - Cured His Diabetic Related Neuropathy and Mental Confusion

    My friend started taking B-12 to replenish his liver, he was B-12 deficient. He is also a type II Diabetic. His doctor had him on statins to reduce his high blood cholesterol level and metforphin to reduce his blood sugar level. Statin drugs and metformin turned out to be a dangerous combination, they are what caused his B-12 deficiency. His B-12 dficiency is what caused his NEUROPATHY. He stated that his feet felt like they were being stung mercilessly by Wasps or Honey bees. He was in an insane amount of pain and began to search for a solution. The solution began when his doctor took him off of both statin drugs and metformin and gave him B-12 shots. The B-12 shots stopped the NEUROPATHY temporarily. He used to have major NEUROPATHY pain in his feet when he took a warm/hot shower and even when his feet got wet. This all stopped temporarily when he started treating himself with Methyl B-12 supplements which are 1000 times superior than any B-12 shots. He cured his own NEUROPATHY permanently by taking this brand of Methyl-B-12 in conjunction with SERRAPEPTASE (a unique enzyme). He figured out that NEUROTHAPY was the destruction of his myelin sheathing which is the cholesterol coating over his nerves. When temperature change signals from the warm water hit his nerves they were being sort of short circuited by the damage the metformin and statins had caused to his protected cholesterol coating over his nerves. B-12 repairs this myelin sheathing and SERRAPEPTASE smooths out all the cracks making the B-12 temporary corrections of NEUROPATHY into PERMANENT CORRECTIONS. There is no way to overdose on SERRAPEPTASE nor B-12. Take as much as you want and regain your life without NEUROPATHY. My friend is now currently working to rid himself of Type II Diabetes which was caused by Metabolic Syndrome. I'll let you know how his quest is going as he progresses towards a better health.

  • Lux Lucis - My favorite car wash product

    I originally bought Turtle wax liquid wax car wash because it was advertized as a biodegradable soap. It does a good job cleaning out the exterior of the car. No better than other products, but certainly no worse. The wax component is somewhat on the minimal side, and will certainly not produce any water beading effects afterwards. What I really like about this liquid wash, though, is its very pleasing smell. It ends up lingering inside the car after the wash is complete, making the interior smell fresh. Reminds me of that new car smell (or at least a properly reconditioned used car smell).

  • Dan B. - Ok but doesn't work.with directv.

    Still cannot get pac 12 network because of directv . Wish they could sell.pac12 network subscription on amazon.

  • codie miller - Great for insanity and weight training

    I do insanity 3 days a week and weight train 2 to 3 times a week and this shoe does it all without missing a beat. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good workout or running shoe.