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  • Josh - Great overall shoe. Comfortable and stylish.

    Great shoes! I've been a fan of the Air Max line for many years and this version does not disappoint. The shoe fits great and looks great as well. I find that Nike and Adidas seem to make a more narrow fitting shoe that fits me better than other brands and that remains the case here.

  • Ricardo Arribas - Do not buy!

    I'm very disappointed with this game. While using the PS4 camera and you are about to play, it does not detect any movement. I can't play it! The camera works just fine because I used the playroom application. I do not recommend to buy.

  • Dr Mike - Poor communication to potential customers causes much frustration and disappointment for everyone

    I definitely like the concept behind this device. Namely a small glucose meter that attaches to your smartphone and allows a phone app to measure, record to the cloud, and track a history of blood glucose readings over time. Unfortunately I was very disappointed to find that the app is not supported on my phone. There is no way to know this unless you go to the company website first and then search for the mobile app page and see if your specific phone model is on the list. Even then it is not entirely clear if one's phone is compatible or not.

  • Kathleen Madere - Great book!

    My son's only complaint was that he didn't know about most of the games - they're so new! Great book!

  • Larry Blumsack - Depends

    There are pluses and minuses using Soda Stream. The product works great if you don't follow SS instructions. I tracked my refills over time. Waiting for two buzzes 2 seconds each as they recommend in their advertising and on the top of the maching and you'll get maybe 25-30 bottles of seltzer not even close to the 50-60 they promote in their advertising. I press it down and quickly release three times for plain seltzer. 4 Times if I am adding syrup. So I get 50+. The number of bottles you get vary from carbonator refill to refill-lousy product quality control. If you can't get carbonator refills locally don't buy the SS - there is no financial savings that way. I can get the flavors and carbonators locally which is why I haven't dumped the SS. The flavors are a mixed bag. What flavors you will like depends on individual tastes. I focus on seltzer and the sugarless flavors.

  • Veronica, from Harrisburg, PA - Too light for 4B or 4C hair

    First let me say, i'm surprised they charge so much for this product when its only $5 in family dollar. I honestly would have been really upset if i would have paid more than that. As a African American with natural hair, i have tried to use it numerous ways, twist-outs, as a moisturizer for the LOC method...etc. the product is very light weight. For a person who has thick course hair...i feel this is not the product to use. it doesn't live up to the hype within two hours my hair felt dry. I guess with any product its either a hit or miss. oh well...glad i only paid $5