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  • Troy R Nelson - Just like any other diet, but more expensive.

    I was excited as I started the book. "Break your addiction to sugar", "this is not a regular diet", "you don't need willpower to do this" were a few of the points that were made repeatedly.

  • Exhibitbliss - Best Bang for your buck

    Everything came as it said that it would, with the exception of the instructions. You have to go online to get them but programming took less than a minute.

  • Amazon Customer - Good stuff

    I have very thick, coarse hair and have worked with too puffy hair for years. Tried this conditioner and I could really tell a difference in my hair. It is hard to find in stores, so I have only ordered it through Amazon. It is epensive, but worth it.

  • ashley s vail - Powerful

    This stuff works! You can feel it working in just a day or two. Just don’t stray too far from the bathroom

  • Supernova Freya - Even more interesting than the last!

    This one I read faster than the last, true chronicled events back to back.... makes us realize how we are not alone and others walk amongst us, whether they are good or bad or ? remains unknown. I personally believe there many species and different life forms out there not to mention other dimensions, and I also believe when our bodies die our energy crosses over and that's when we learn the meaning of life, the universe and everything else.. I like the content of his books, and the way the true stories are presented-kept me interested the entire book! Can't wait to read more Albert - thank you for taking the time to put these books together, choosing the best stories making it a great read!