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  • Victor Roberts - Great quality, no distortion at all.

    The headphones arrived in a nice black box. They come with three pairs of ear buds, a USB cable, and a very well written manual. Mine came already charged and ready to use.

  • Ritesh A. - I have a fibroid in my uterus and we didn't know for sure if that was causing any issues since I was pretty regular with my cycl

    We had been trying for 3 months before starting on pregnitude. I have a fibroid in my uterus and we didn't know for sure if that was causing any issues since I was pretty regular with my cycles. Got pregnant before completing my second box of this medicine!! Was completely overjoyed. Will definitely vouch for this !

  • Maxver2 - Pretty good unit

    Pretty good unit. Mine was manufactured in September and so it seems to have many fixes compared to the units people received in the past. I will nix one star as my unit came with a defective accessory line (always stays on) so I'm going to wire in a relay to turn off the radio automatically when the car is off.

  • Byron L. Postma - Decent Antivirus/Malware Software but Take Care Upgrading

    Norton anti-malware products have come a long way from the buggy, clunky products of the past, and I have used them for the past few years because they mostly stay out of my way. This version has a very good firewall, OK antivirus and good anti-spyware. It also has some bloatware, including Identity Safe, a small amount of online backup, tune-up tools, and other stuff, which some users may find useful, but are outclassed by dedicated solutions.

  • Charmaine - Best Nike Running Shoe Ever

    I bought the same shoes in a Nike outlet mall last year. I wore them throughout my weeklong trip to Italy which included a lot of walking and standing in lines. I also used them for working out. They are so comfortable that I just had to purchase another pair! So I purchased these hot pink ones on Amazon and I love them just the same. In another 6 months I might just buy another one! :) BTW...I wear a size 11 and don't sometimes need to find wider shoes to wear but for some reason these shoes conform well to my feet.

  • G. Holder - Worked BETTER than Proactiv!!

    First off I want to explain that I have had terrible acne off and on (mostly on though) for the past 8 years. I had to be put on Accutane my sophmore year for 6 months in high school and then again my freshman year of college for another 3 months. I have been struggling ever since then and needed an alternative to dermatoligist bills and prescriptions for acne treatment.