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  • K. B. - Very satisfied.

    I recieved this product very quickly. This book was in great condition and I am very happy with this company.

  • Bruce Willis - who has feet that feel like the back of a crocodile

    I bought this thing for my wife, who has feet that feel like the back of a crocodile. She asked me if I could sand her feet down smooth. Holy cow! I needed a dust mask from all the dead skin blowing around. You can either use a belt sander or get one of these. Works great!!

  • Ezekiel Serrano - quick review Smrm123

    Just dance 2014 seems to be my favorite Danceing game it has A bunch of girls manly fast action Songs I love

  • Zachary P. - No more creepy crawlies

    There really isn't anything that will turn you off of your home quicker than having pests. Bugs or rodents. In-laws come close, but no. I have 3 dogs and a 22 month old baby girl. Having poisons or traps in and around my house is really not acceptable. So far I am really liking this ultrasonic pest repeller by Gold Brands. It's super easy to install. Plug it in the room or rooms(if you get multiple) and flip the switch. The blue light flips on if it's working. That simple. Notably, my wife and I do hear a very faint tone coming from the repeller if we are within a few feet of it but it definitely isn't anything that causes annoyance or discomfort. And my dogs don't seem to hear it at all and they jump and bark at the smallest of noises.

  • KatieR - Excellent choice for a diffuser for your child!

    I have two other diffusers at home, one from a name brand oil company and another off brand such as the viva. I got this diffuser for my son who was very jealous of my personal one by my bedside. He was very excited when it arrived. It arrived VERY quickly with amazon prime and was nicely packaged and the packaging was perfect, bright, and vibrant.

  • avery - LOVE THIS BAG!

    Great bag, so convent to have, wraps around shoulders and back comfortably, would recommend if you need a good sturdy bag to carry things around in, lots of room and compartments, i can fit lunch, my 13 inch macbook a few books and other misc. things in there all at once, one draw back is the lack of a coffee pouch!

  • Works - No support for State Income Tax Returns?

    Basic versions don't include State Income Tax returns or electronic filing thereof. If you live in a state income tax state look for an advanced version that Includes State Income Tax Preparation and Electronic filing of state income tax returns. That's the reason I didn't use this program last year and won't until state income tax returns are include in the basic version.