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  • Mike - Get it!

    There is basically nothing to complain about at this point. Lol so I'll say why I think this is a 5-star product.

  • D.W. - These are awesome vacuum bags!

    These vacuum bags are amazing! The biggest one is massive, you can probably put several couch cushions in it, it's that big. You have so many options with all the assorted sizes of bags. There is definitely a bag in this set for every situation you could possibly have. They have them all covered fro sure. These are also very high quality well made bags. Very strong and thick plastic. These are not cheaply made like a lot of vacuum bags on the market. Very easy to use, they even come with a hand pump to suck all the air out. Very easy to use and you won't believe how much they shrink your stuff down and they don't leak so once you shrink something down it's going to stay that way till you ready to let the air back in. Winter coats and clothes and blankets, think of how much space you will be able to save! I'm putting everything I can in these bags. They are fantastic!Disclosure, I did receive this product at a slightly reduced price in order to try it out and give my honest opinion and review and that is what I have done here. I really am impressed with these vacuum bags from California Basics and I know that you will be too! They are a very good product. If this review has helped in any way, please click the Yes button below. Thanks!

  • Bear Bear 18 - Our boy had severe colic and reflux. We used ...

    Our boy had severe colic and reflux. We used this in desperation after trying everything else and although at first he was put off by the black licorice taste/smell, it seemed to soothe him. Unfortunately it didn't last too long and we had to move on to the next remedy. I still have it and plan to bring it back into rotation should he have another episode.

  • Shane Green - Neat...Idea (read my review, it's meant to be really helpful)

    The product arrived in fancy packaging. The software installed without a hitch, and seemed quite decent in terms of being modern and "macish". Included an excellent set of turtorial videos; all in all, a fairly nice software offering (and I write software). I was a bit miffed to find out a significant portion of their value (IMHO), would also require a ~$15/month membership, so I gave them 3 stars before I even tried the product, promising to return and update my review when I did try it.

  • Virginia W. - Erroneous test questions

    This is disappointing for a Kaplan product. I took the GRE eight years ago with a Kaplan prep book, was happy with the preparation, and received an excellent score (1530). While I haven't taken my new GRE yet, I've had to order more preparation materials because this study guide seems insufficient. The sample questions on the CD-ROM in this book have typos, some of which impede me from answering the questions correctly, and all of which indicate editorial carelessness. The calculator on the math practice sets is nearly unusable, and I hope this does not represent the calculator on the real exam. The vocabulary list at the end of the book does not reflect the vocabulary in the practice sets well. Further, the math instruction is inadequate. There is a list of formulas in the back of the book, but little instruction (or practice) on how to use them. I also don't know the full range of types of math questions to expect, since several types of questions on the practice sets are not included in the math instruction chapters. Finally, the scoring on the first practice exam I took does not follow the new scoring guide. I hope the new books I've ordered are better, and I hope Kaplan significantly revises the next edition of this book.