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  • James Braun - Quit Working

    I have owned and used Microsoft Office Products from the beginning and never had a problem until I purchased Outlook 2010. I had been using Windows Live Mail as my mail client but Microsoft sent an email recently saying they will no longer support the program and it will not be able to sync to hotmail. I purchased Outlook 2010 and loaded it onto my desktop and everything works great. I also loaded onto my laptop it worked and registered properly. However, I began having problems where Windows update would no longer work. I used my recovery disk to reload Windows 7 and I also reloaded Office 2010 which does not include Outlook. Everything worked fine. When I went to reload Outlook and go through the registration process again, it said my product key was not valid. I even tried to register by phone and got the same message. Now I have no email program on my laptop except for the Internet-based Outlook that is part of Explorer. Very disappointed in that the Outlook CD I purchased seems to be unusable.

  • Chryssie - Hair Growth!!!

    This stuff really really works. I use it and you see results really fast. You can also mix it with profective for hair growth and that dual is the bomb.com

  • Amazon Customer - So far, so good

    So far I've been using this product for 3 weeks and have noticed my booty feels heavier and is becoming slightly fuller..can't wait too see results after 2 months!!!

  • Roger Fight - Econnomic illiteracy causes history to repeat itself

    This book puts the Great Recession in historical perspective. It shows that it is from an historical perspective, business as usual, and will inevitably result in a continuing decline for all but the super wealthy. Wealth will continue to accumulate at the top as the economy is hollowed out. The next crisis will be worse than anything we have seen before because the economy is hollowed out, with no remaing resiliency and no bubbles left to artificially reinflate the economy. He also explains why the extreme inequality is so damaging no only to the middle class, but ultimately to the health of the econnomy.

  • Bigmac - Slows Down Your Computer!

    I purchased Webroot Security Software based on a good review by PC Magazine--big mistake! Although it doesn't take up much space on your computer it slows it down big time. The time when I noticed it most was when I would surf the Web. This happened on all three of the computers we installed it on--two of them are pretty new.