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Home - Destination Magazine is an East Africa’s award winning lifestyle magazine; a local title, with international quality and standards and a global perspective. Well known for our investigative features, our editorial content also encompasses local and global cutting current affairs and pop culture, including fashion and entertainment and global celebrity interviews .The stories we tell, the places and people we feature and the real-life issues we discuss are geared to engage our readers in deeper conversations that challenge the status quo, confront stereotypes, and urge our readers to have an impact on our world and our region.

  • http://www.eadestination.com/must-reads/young-talent-competition Young Talent Competition - DM has supported and encouraged creative writing among young students with the Young Talent competitions.
  • http://www.eadestination.com/investigative-journalism/376-rape-culture-in-kenya Turning A Blind Eye: Rape Culture in Kenya - Few crimes illicit as strong of a reaction among those effected as rape. Nairobi has long been known for its violent crimes and its ever expanding slums, however no one could have imagined the rate at which sexual assault would grow in the country. Neither the police or the justice system have traditionally shown much commitment toward punishing the offenders, and the national health care system has not offered much in the way of support. Where are we going as a country and have Kenyans re

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  • Margie - Really pretty!

    I love the sparkle and glitter and depth of this polish! I would recommend it to anyone who likes to sparkle!

  • D. Simien - Wonder soap

    I've been having itchy patches for a few months that were not getting better even with a prescription ointment. ONE shower with this soap and -- what a relief! I'm having my family members all use it for stinky feet, etc and it seems to work on everything. I ordered a larger size. Wish they made the same formula in a bar as the liquid soap is very watery.

  • Frop - They take request.

    Fun game. You play the real notes in the song that sound like the song's effects. People request new songs and the staff who made the game try their best to listen and if they can (with enough votes) they usually do add new stuff. However some times the artist doesn't give them permission so they can't do it for everything. New songs are usually a couple dollars each. Buy this when it comes on sale ($40). I would wait for a sale.

  • P. Gandy - Access 2010

    Access is one of my important programs and would be lost without it. I was forced to 2010 after using the last license of my 2000. As far as the 2010, I find that there have been substantial advancements from 2000. However, most are not what I need, but is more in keeping with the other present Office programs. The ribbon bar takes some getting use to in order to find one’s way around. I had the foresight to order Microsoft’s “plain & simple” tutorial which proved to be a big help although basically for what I use the program for there is not much change. I am still using programs created with Access 97 with 2010. Access is a powerful program capable of many things. However, for me at 73 years and retired and using it for personal uses I’d like to see a non commercial, less expensive version similar to the Office’s Student and Home.