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  • Howsare - A tablet with great potential bogged down with bugs and poor implementations.

    A buggy mess. That is the best way to describe this tablet. Sure the screen is larger but this tablet feels like a step down from the leappad 2. My daughters leappad 2 was doused in water and stopped working. This was after a year of abuse from a 3 year old. I figured she is going to be 4 soon so I bought her the new model for her birthday. The first thing I noticed is it was really nice looking. The second thing I noticed is the latency. It takes longer to turn on and minimize windows. Games take longer to load as well. The leappad is constantly freezing which requires hard reboots. My daughter will also be playing games and the system will shut off on her and ask for her to update it. Instead of letting her play her games I have to go through the process of running updates which SOMETIMES work on the leappad itself. Most times it crashes and I have to manually plug it into my computer to do the updates. Also the videos on the wifi section do not load most of the time. My daughter will watch a cat video and then go to replay it for me and it crashes. This thing crashes A LOT. I may have a dud that partially works but I am unsure after seeing some of the reviews online claiming the same problem. The best update glitch I had was it decided to do a search for updates prior to leaving on a car trip. We are half an hour from home and my daughter decides she wants to play her leappad. She turns it on and it refuses to boot up until its updated. No way to do the update since not home so she is upset. I do not think I should have to turn on my daughters leap pad every single time I want to go someplace just to be sure it works when we leave.

  • Richard F. Fragel - Sophisticated Writing Still Lives...

    Very elegant writing tool that feels great and inspires you with every stroke of the pen. It helped remind me that writing is, indeed, becoming a lost art...but not with your Waterman rollerball pen!


    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SMITHS. This is the nostalgic soundtrack that keeps me smiling and reminds me that the beauty in the world always outweighs the vile.

  • BudPrine - Perfect Dashboard Companion.

    We travel in a motorhome and my laptop running Streets & trips sits on the dashboard. We've gone all over the lower 48 with this and have found it very useful especially starting all our trip planning using the most recent version of the "megafile".

  • Tiffany B. - 2013 jeep wrangler rubicon

    Fit perfectly in the center I did not use the double sided tape just placed it lk that and it still fits good very comfortable in my opinion it's soft but not to soft I would recommend to a friend.