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Essential Drugs Company Limited - EDCL - Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) is a 100% state owned Pharmaceuticals Company in Bangladesh. In the year 1962 it was functioning under the then Central Government in the name & style of Government Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (GPL) and subsequently it was renamed as Pharmaceuticals Production Unit (PPU) in the year 1979.

  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/ceo-message/ Message from the CEO Desk - EDCL - It is with the restless efforts of our Accounts, Administration, Engineering, Human Resource, Research & Development, Planning & Procurement, Product Development, Production, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing that we have achieved many valuable milestones in the short history of the Company.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/contact/ Contact Us - EDCL - Essential Drugs Company Limited এসেনসিয়াল ড্রাগস্‌ কোম্পানী লিমিটেড (১০০% সরকারী মালিকানাধীন প্রতিষ্� ান)
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/directors/ Board of Directors - EDCL - A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/gopalganj-plant/ Essential Brugs Company Limited (3rd Plant), Gopalganj - EDCL - The proposed Essential Drugs Co. Ltd. ( 3rd Plant), Gopalganj will consist of a new manufacturing unit of Oral Contraceptive Pills and Injectable products, a manufacturing unit of I.V Fluid and a manufacturing unit of Penicillin Production.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/kelp/ Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP) - EDCL - Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP) is an established manufacturing Company that produces quality Latex Male Condoms for the domestic and export market. The factory and office complex is located at Gilatala, Khulna, Bangladesh. The factory complex consists of the manufacturing plant stores, labs and an administrative wing.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/elpp/ Essential Latex Processing Plant (ELPP) Modhupur, Tangail - EDCL - EDCL is setting up an essential latex processing plant at a cost of Tk. 127 million at Modhupur in Tangail District which would be used as domestic raw materials in the production of condoms & surgical hand gloves in Khulna Essential Latex Plant (KELP).
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/cephalosporin/ Cephalosporin Production Plant - EDCL - Cephalosporin is a broad spectrum antibacterial antibiotic active against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative Organisms. Modern science has been contributed to develop this type of antibiotics from 1st generation to 4th generation and has a wide range of flexibility.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/plant-detail/ Plants - EDCL - EDCL is exporting its products to developing and under developed countries and it is earning foreign currency.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/ware-house/ Ware House Department - EDCL - Warehouse department has been contributed significantly to the EDCL effort who is committed to provide quality medicine for the mass people of Bangladesh. Warehouse Department of Essential Drugs Company Limited consists of seven individual sections.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/engineering-department/ Engineering Department - EDCL - In EDCL, Engineering Department is one of the vital departments associated with manufacturing pharmaceutical products which is employed with qualified and professional engineers and technicians.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/reaearch-and-development/ Research and Development (R&D) - EDCL - To create a solid base for growth through expansion into future-oriented technology, we established research laboratory in Quality Assurance Department of Dhaka plant in 2010.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/environment-control/ Environment Control - EDCL - Environmental control is an important task for any pharmaceutical manufacturing organization. Environment of EDCL factories at Dhaka and Bogra are strictly controlled. Environment of EDCL factories at Dhaka and Bogra are strictly controlled.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/product-development/ Product Development - EDCL - Our Pharmaceutical products are designed and developed in systematic way to achieve the standard quality required for their intended use. This department is running with highly skilled personnel with adequate pharmaceutical technical knowledge and well equipped with all sorts of production machinery and equipments for small scale production.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/qa-and-qc/ Quality Assurance and Quality Control - EDCL - EDCL incorporates state of art technology with the highest technical skilled workforce to ensure product quality and innovation. The rigorous control of all manufacturing steps and raw material quality is designed in such a fashion that batch to batch variation is minimized and machinery activity is maximized.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/training/ Traning & Upgrading cGMP - EDCL - Training is an essential part for human resource development with adequate job knowledge and develop self-imposed responsibility to produce quality products.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/progress/ Progress - EDCL - With a view to save hard earned foreign currency and to satisfy the national demand, the construction of EDCL Condom Factory is on the way of completion on and production will be started very soon.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/production-facilities/ Production Facilities - EDCL - EDCL has four manufacturing Plants in operation. Two of which are Pharmaceutical manufacturing one is medical device manufacturing (condom) and another is field latex processing.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/financial-result/ Financial Result - EDCL - Financial Result of Essential Drugs Company Limited (EDCL) showing Year wise production and sales.
  • http://www.edcl.gov.bd/corporate-socila-responsibility/ Corporate Social Responsibility - EDCL - Managing Director handover the Ambulance key to the Representatives of Sandhani

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