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  • Suburban Phila Family - Kills Coffee Makers

    The smell of the CLR never came out of our Zojirushi drip coffee maker after running many gallons of water through it. CLR's manufacturer (Jelmar) said that this only occurs in coffee makers with carbon water filters, only in rare cases. Meanwhile our Zojirushi doesn't have a water filter. Jelmar also said the CLR can react with certain metals/chemicals like Tephlon, and that this is a risk of use (meanwhile the label doesn't list any such precautions). Thus, I caution anyone from using CLR in any food or drink application since there is a chance of residual smell or a chemical reaction that could impact your food, and therefore you.

  • Faeriegrandma - Glad to have found this product

    Been using these twice a day for some years now and so very thankful I discovered them. They have helped immensely with my thinning hair and I no longer have to wear a wig to go out. It's the first and only product of it's kind that I've used that actually worked. I am so delighted and yes, I would recommend it heartily. It won't work overnight but give it a few months or a year and hopefully you'll see the same difference I did. It won't make your hair grow longer or faster, but instead has seemed to encourage regrowth from existing follicles. That's the only explanation I can come up with. I am 80 now and this review is real.

  • Amazon Customer - New and doesn't work

    VERY disappointed in this product... Brand new out of the box, the left light didn't even work. Don't know if it's just a product defect but for now, all I can say is it's disappointing that I spent all that money to get a product that doesn't even work.

  • Daniel G - Great Product

    This is a great product....I had several scratches around the door handles of my car. This product removed them flawlessly. If you have a deep scratch make sure you get some touch up paint first then use this product..

  • C. Peters - Is working for me!! Yeah!

    Ok, do you have bad nails? I've had a terrible time with one foot for going on 3 years now . I've seen a doctor... But I don't want to take pills that will effect my liver ... And need blood tests for... My doctor said even the laser treatments don't always work and can be expensive ... And insurance won't pay..because it's " cosmetic"...so I've tried sooooo many things and nothing has really helped my toe nails. However, I use this brands foot cream and it works very well so I thought I'd give this a try...

  • Tiffany - There's nothing like it!

    As someone who has a hard time focusing on one subject for a long time, this product has done wonders! The first two nights, I will say the PM made me have some wacky dreams, but after that I have slept well. I find myself much more focused during the day and actually answering questions that I didn't even know I knew the answers to! I was almost shocked at my responses sometimes. I absolutely love this product and can't see myself without it anymore. 1st Phorm always does an amazing job.