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  • Gsleak - Changes

    Lizzie has come home because her dad died. To her surprise this stranger has an inherited all her father stuff. She is left with just his house. Liam has become a close friend to Lizzie dad and he lives right next door. He was there for him . Liam runs a bookie joint that is a little more upscale and teeters between legal and illegal . They meet at the reading of thre Will. He has heard so many stories about her that he knows he want to get to know her . Lizzie see red went she looks at him. In this story there is danger . You will see a new side of both people. The two authors have put together a great story . I voluntarily reviewed in advance copy of this book .

  • Joe Schmoe reviewer - 4 and 6 year old both like them.

    A big hit. It's been a month and the kids (4 and 6) don't play with these as much as they did when they got them for Christmas, but we had a long drive recently and I had them wear them and they were entertained. They like taking pictures and videos, recording their voices,and trying to score high numbers using the activity tracker.

  • Jonas Koester - Best diaper cream you can get

    The best out there... I've tried them all, my son's skin is soooo sensitive and this stuff is gentle. In 3 hrs I saw an immediate difference. Bonus... It smells great and soften's my own hands!