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ENA - CCP/CAP(70€) Formação de Formadores - A Escola de Negócios e Administração situada em Vila Nova de Gaia/Porto, oferece-lhe o CCP - Curso de Formação Pedagógica Inicial de Formadores desde 70€ (curso homologado pelo IEFP).

Country:, Europe, PT

City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Jon Mitchell - Best FPS in the world

    I cannot believe this game is more fun that battlefield 4, but it is. I was not impressed by the beta, but the full game is absolutely amazing. Best FPS by miles.

  • NaturalNotSyntheticSupplements - Quicken The Official Guide

    Quicken 2012, The Official Guide by Quicken Press is great. Full of information that only the Quicken people could pass on is wonderful, it also offers little tidbits about taxes. Thanks for having this newest, up to date resource book available.

  • Bob Davis - No wrench -

    The grinder I just bought still has the two holed spanner nut, but the web description says that it should be a hex nut. The box does not contain a spanner wrench with a 1-3/8" spacing and I have no way to tighten or loosen the stupid nut. The tool itself looks good, but if I can't use it I have to give it a single star, at least until I find a wrench that fits.


    It really works I passed 2 test with it both times at Dr.office. They test you before writing scripts..A very long wait

  • S.W. - Overwhelmingly Meh.

    I did the cleanse and lost some weight, much of which was gained back when I started eating regularly. Here are my thoughts:


    I was ambushed by a charming foreign woman a few months and dragged into our local Orogold store (didn't buy anything but felt like I had dodged a bullet). After that I have given that store a wide berth until today when I distractedly walked by and was again dragged in by a pushy foreign salesperson (it turned out they were both from Israel). I got a painfully hard sell involving numerous eye creams and serums. It was awful because I couldn't stop thinking about how much time it was taking and all the other things I had to do but couldn't politely extricate myself. The guy just wouldn't take no for an answer. I felt really trapped.

  • Ruben A. Ochoa - I have beautiful, youthful

    I have beautiful, youthful, resilliant naturally tan skin tjay tends to not be sensitive, but this stuff burned and left my skin red and blotchy. Not good