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  • Shirley Britt - This doggone SWEET SWEAT!

    OK...I am a write your review virgin..And this is my 1st experience. So bare with me. I am most definitely, the type of person that holds NO PUNCHES..I SPEAK straight up. This doggone SWEET SWEAT!!!...does what it says it does!!...I did ZUMMMBA! ...class the other day...And I HAVE NEVER...SWEATED LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE!!...I LOVE IT!!...so those who have left....somewhat discouraging comments...I say to you...(in my Dr. Spock voice..aka...Capt. Kirk right hand man)...THAT IS ILLOGICAL!!!...#BEAMMEUPSCOTTIE!!

  • Finkagueru - A basic wearable that tracks good information.

    Another fitness tracker on the now ever crowded industry of wearable. I bought this for the price and tracking feature, as I wanted not only a fitness tracker but something that tracked sleep. No this does not track HR and if anything you barely look at the wearable itself as it is mainly app based in terms of tracking, as in any useful information can only be looked at through the app.

  • hamodi55052 - There is a double click issue with this mouse, ...

    There is a double click issue with this mouse, for example if you open the buy menu in cs go and if you chose the rifle menu very fast you gonna find your self have buy wrong rifle.

  • Alisa W. - Perfect for Bulldogs!!!!

    So far the best pet shampoo I've gotten from Amazon! Perfect for English Bulldogs or any dog that has a ton of wrinkles. My bulldog has to bathe at least once a week or she starts having this awful funk. I've tried everything, even medicated shampoos from the vet. This by far has worked for us. It totally suds through her coat and you dont need to use a lot either. I was pleasantly surprised at how much soap was going into her coat with just a little amount. Usually after three days of her bath I normally have to use a spray deoderizer on her to get though till the weekend to keep her funk at bay but so far she still doesnt smell like her typical bulldog self. We get so many visitors and friends that drop by through the week and I always get so embarrassed because they always wanna pet her and love on her and she stinks. Not with this stuff! It suds in deep and takes a good while to really rinse out which I love because I know it's penetrating deep in her folds and wrinkles and where all her bacteria and fungus gather. 4 days after her bath and she is still super soft like puppy fur soft and she is still smelling good. Also it has not dried out her skin like most shampoos will where I would need to add a coat conditioner to keep her from scratching. This stuff can be used by itself and it is so good to her skin. I cannot say enough good things about this shampoo. I will definitely be purchasing again because now I am hooked! A big thanks to this company!

  • L. Rubin - I wanted to like these, but unfortunately I don't

    The price is really good for VR glasses, and the quality also seems good but the lack of controls makes it hard to play games. This is OK as the description says you need to buy a Bluetooth controller to get the best results. Plus, they are really cool to watch 3D videos. The main issue is I don't find them comfortable. I tried adjusting the straps all different ways but the weight of the glasses and iPhone was too much on the bridge of my nose. So I'm sending them back. I received this product at a discount however this is my honest review.

  • AmentLVR - I love the Gazelle!

    I've owned my Gazelle for about a month now. I still use it on a daily basis, that is how great it is! While dieting I lost 3 lbs. in only a week while exercising on the Gazelle daily.

  • Krystie LeWhite - Meh.

    Smelled nice, but didn't really work. My kids both had lice again within a month. Much better results with plan old tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle. Lice free for 3 mos in a school that is rampant with the stuff.