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  • Katie g - would recommend to everyone

    a little cheap looking compared to my old samsung chromebook. feels a little flimsy but I love chromebook and this one has the backlit keyboard. Since it is my second cb I felt the backlit keyboard was an absolute for upgrading. I would recommend this as long as you can get past the plastic feel . Fast and reliable. Again, I like the 11.5 size of samsung(fits in my bag) but this size is probably more attractive to most others.Great screen. Skullcandy speakers are way better than beats on my hp laptop.

  • The Professor - The last one I'll ever buy

    One star may actually be generous in light of what Writer's Market used to be in contrast to the abstruse, nearly unusable thing it has become. I was introduced to Writer's Market in 1975, and have made it a mainstay purchase for more than 30 years of freelance success. Over the past few years, however, the format has changed so drastically and negatively that now I only check out a library copy when I absolutely must, and then struggle through the "sea of gray" until I can somehow find the information I am looking for. No category or subject classifications combined with a weak, name-only index make the "new" Writer's Market a readability nightmare. Obviously there was some kind of change in staff or leadership that created this mess, and now is too myopic to admit or correct it.

  • bodenmama4 - A little challenging for little hands

    I originally purchased these for my twin 4 year old sons to use at their big brother's Nerf birthday party. They were very excited about them, and I like the overall design and the fact that there are only three darts for them to worry about (read: shoot at me at one time. I can easily retaliate before they have time to reload). The only bummer was, the way you have to pull down on the bottom of the gun to prime it, was a little difficult for them. They aren't wimpy little guys either, but it required a little more strength and grasping ability than they possessed. As we have had them a little longer, they are getting more adept at using them, one of them managed to sneak up on their big brother last week, which they were fairly excited about. These guns have been left outside for days on end, and so far still work just fine. My husband just found one hidden in the weeds he was weed eating, and with the exception of fading from the sun, it still worked. Some of the other, more expensive guns we have had in the past warped from the sun and wouldn't shoot properly. All in all, I think these are a great little toy for the younger crowd, just be forewarned you may be asked repeatedly to help them at first.

  • Jacob - The shoe is great! They are very comfortable

    The shoe is great! They are very comfortable, not to firm, and overall great for the average runner. The only downside is that rocks or wood chips (depending on where you run) often get stuck in the bottom of the shoe. Despite that, great shoe, good look, good price!

  • Barbara rosten - and would be nice to have a temperature control on it

    I thought this would be something I would be able to master. Nope. I can get one curl, and then after that, I can't get anything to curl. I have watched the video's, and even took it to my stylist to try. She had a very hard time getting it to work too. It heats up REALLY hot, and would be nice to have a temperature control on it. I wish I could give it a better review, but I can't.