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European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) – Patient education! - EUPATI provides patients with accessible and reliable information on how medicines are developed.

  • https://www.eupati.eu/what-is-eupati/ What is EUPATI? - EUPATI - The EUPATI project promotes understanding of medicines R&D for patients and public.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/list-of-contributors/ List of Contributors - EUPATI - Thanks to all contributors for the development of the EUPATI.eu content and platform.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/eupati-ethical-framework/ EUPATI Ethical Framework - EUPATI - IMI’s EUPATI project is establishing a patient-led academy to provide scientifically reliable, objective, comprehensive information to patients on medicines R&D.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/eupati-code-conduct/ EUPATI Code of Conduct - EUPATI - The 'EUPATI Code of Conduct' outlines the working culture and spirit of "assumed good intent" within the Project Consortium, while the 'Ethical Framework' outlines the ethical ground rules of the project.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/creative-commons/ Creative Commons - EUPATI - All EUPATI content is licensed for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/eupati-training-course/ EUPATI Training Course - EUPATI - The EUPATI Expert Training Course is an exciting and unique opportunity offering patients and patient advocates expert-level training in medicines research and development.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/webinar/webinar-strengthening-patient-involvement-health-technology-assessment-hta/ Webinar: Strengthening patient involvement in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) - EUPATI - Webinar recording: Strengthening Patient Involvement In Health Technology Assessment (HTA).
  • https://www.eupati.eu/webinar/webinar-informed-consent-for-vulnerable-populations/ Webinar: Informed Consent for Vulnerable Populations - EUPATI - In the current Clinical Trials Directive, the definition of conditions for inclusion of vulnerable populations is limited to clinical trials with minors and incapacitated adults who are not able to give informed legal consent.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/workshop/workshop-interaction-patients-regulators-industry/ 2016 Workshop: The interaction of patients, regulators and industry. - EUPATI - Almost 50 participants from regulatory authorities, patient organisations, academia, non-profit organisations and industry gathered for a EUPATI Workshop on July 20, 2016 in Berlin.
  • https://www.eupati.eu/eupati-network/ EUPATI in your country - EUPATI - EUPATI National Platforms work to equip patients with knowledge and information in 12 countries.

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  • StriderORG - Excellent

    This is a great set for everyday medium use. (Haven't had a chance to use it in extreme conditions.) After a few days of use, I ordered a second set to keep in the truck. The shape of the handle feels a bit awkward on the hand and did take some getting used to but non the less this is a good set for the price, an excellent set for the reduced price.

  • Tammy Levesque - nothing near what i expected.

    This was my first time trying a cleanse and I have to say nothing at all is happening. I would imagine with a total body cleanse one would ummm (pardon me for saying so) but poop a lot. I am not even going more than once a day. I am drinking a lot of water doing absolutely clean eating, and nothing is happening.