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  • http://www.familyentertainmentcenter.com/en/fun-center-business-plans.html Fun Center Business Plan | FEC Business and Family Entertainment Center Business Planning - Fun center business plan with amusement industry data for developing an FEC business plan for party centers and fun centers
  • http://www.familyentertainmentcenter.com/en/fec-operating-manuals.html Family Entertainment Center Operating Manuals and Forms | Amusement Business Forms and Manuals for Fun Centers and Attractions - Family entertainment center operating manuals and forms for your fun center or amusement business. Includes manuals for FEC operating procedures, personnel management, fun center job descriptions and amusement business forms for fun centers and attractions.
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  • http://www.familyentertainmentcenter.com/amusement-business-demographics.html Amusement Business Demographics for Your Fun Center Business Plan - The amusement business and your local demographics, and how to ensure your fun center project will be successful by understanding community demograqphics.
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  • http://www.familyentertainmentcenter.com/how-to-start-family-entertainment-center.html How to Start a Family Entertainment Center - How to start a family entertainment center or fun center business guidebook is loaded with fun center industry and family entertainment center information and resources.

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  • albert tumolillo - Extremely informative and eye-opening

    This book clearly exposes the attacks on the Catholic Church and Christianity by the current administration. It also enumerates the many assaults against the Bill of Rights. It should be required reading for anyone who cherishes liberty.

  • Elle S - Cumbersome and difficult to tighten.

    We have been using maxi cosi Pria 70, 2015 model for about four months now. It is very comfy to our toddler who is 1.5 years currently. She's a taller but slimmer than average baby. We removed the infant insert after about one month (she was 13 months at the time), and she still fits nice and snug. It's a heavy and stable seat that makes me feel it is very safe. The frustration points for me as a mom: interchanging between vehicles and travel is quite cumbersome, and the harness is difficult and sometimes impossible to tighten. I have come to near tears trying to get it to move at times when im in a hurry or in bad weather. It gets stuck with a metal piece on the back of the seat, and you have to work at juggling and pulling on it vigorously to get it to tighten EVERY time. This is very annoying, and slows down the in/out time of your day. Go ahead and plan your errands to take longer as you sit and struggle with this seat to get it to perform properly when securing that belt. Otherwise, it's probably worth the effort to have a highly rated, safe seat for your child. Most moms would think it's worth the time spent, but I hope they will improve future models to function smoothly. We use two other brand car seats while traveling regularly, and they are lighter and much easier to negotiate getting in/out. This is a bear to take through the airport, so save yourself the trouble and get a different seat to travel with or rent cars that come with them.

  • Tobi Zimmerman - Works great

    Awesome deal...I use this to check my game cameras...saves me from having to swap out cards and allows me to see what's happening without waiting to get to my computer.