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  • HP Fox - Thank you Anthony Carey and the Function First Approach

    After suffering for more than 8 years with chronic low back pain I was fortunate to learn of Anthony Carey and the Function First Approach. I have always led an active lifestyle but after reaching my mid-thirties the years of misalignment had taken it's toll. Rather than "elect" for surgery I educated myself and found Anthony Carey. WOW... What a difference. After identifying the CAUSE of my pain, Anthony gave me the specific exercises to alleviate the pain once and for all. (All this without surgery or special equipment!) Now I maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle. Kudos Anthony Carey and the Function First Approach.

  • Amy LJM - Simple Small Sturdy

    I have several diffusers but this is one of my favorites! It's the perfect size to put on my kitchen counter while I'm working in there. I get a lot of back pain when I'm standing in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking so I like to put some pain relieving oils and diffuse right by me. This diffuser is small but it is sturdy and quality and works very well. I enjoy the rotating colors and I like that you can have intermittent or solid mist. This is a great diffuser for small areas, great for beginners, great for a gift. Hey, if you find this review helpful, please click on the helpful button. Thanks ! :) This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my HONEST review.

  • J. Thompson - A bit of a rehash.

    Standard Ronson fare. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but if you have read his stuff before, you know what you are getting into. A little too much of it was a rehash of his earlier books; it drew heavily from Them. If you haven't read that book, then you will likely get more mileage out of this read.

  • J Neville - Another must read book by legendary writer and astrologer, Suzanne White

    Suzanne White's guide to the 2016 Chinese year of the Monkey predicts an entertaining and sometimes outrageous year! Sounds like the Monkey will be up to some mischief... Well organized, and written in a style that is fun, frank, easy to read and engaging, this book contains a wealth of information about the Chinese and Western zodiac, in addition to intriguing astrological predictions for the year 2016.

  • madtownrydr - Great Bluetooth ear buds

    Phones were delivered in 2 days with Prime. They were well packaged with instruction booklet. I charged with the provided usb cord and it indicated full charge in about 10 minutes. They intermediately paired with my Android phone and with my Brightech Bluetooth receiver/transmitter. The medium hooks and ear-tips were already installed. I found the smaller ear-tips more comfortable and changed them with no problem. The medium hooks were comfortable and held the phones securely. I found the phones very comfortable right away and after 10-15 min I barely noticed and discomfort. The ear pieces are very soft but sturdy rubber not foam. The music quality was superb with bass and treble mixed as they were intended. No distortion at higher volume and they can get louder than I can stand.

  • Mr. Anonymous - Absolute Junk!

    I bought this brand of burner because I have, and use almost daily, an Aroma rice cooker. And I love it. This hot plate is crap, plain and simple, good for nothing more than boiling water for tea. Anything that must remain on the high setting for more than three minutes or so, the burner keeps turning itself off and on, perhaps a safeguard to protect it from overheating. Used too long and you start to notice a pungent burning plastic odor. I'll use it to boil water for tea, but that is about it, until I can find something better. Another case of getting what you pay for. Save your money and buy something that will actually work.