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World-Class Healthcare | Freeman Health System - With more than 300 physicians on staff representing more than 60 specialties, Freeman Health System provides top-notch services dozens of locations.

  • https://www.freemanhealth.com/our-locations Find a Freeman Healthcare Facility | Freeman Health System - Freeman Health System includes Freeman Hospital West, Freeman Hospital East, Freeman Neosho Hospital, Ozark Center, & dozens of clinics.
  • https://www.freemanhealth.com/about-us About Freeman Health System | Freeman Health System - As the only locally owned, non-profit health system in the area, Freeman focuses on meeting the community's current and future health and wellness needs.
  • https://www.freemanhealth.com/about-us/helpful-numbers Contact Us - Phone Directory | Freeman Health System - Find phone numbers for our main campuses and important departments. Contact us with any questions or concerns you might have!
  • https://www.freemanhealth.com/our-locations/freeman-hospital-west Freeman Hospital West Campus | Freeman Health System - Freeman Hospital West, located in Joplin, Missouri, offers 24/7 emergency care, an intensive care unit, birthing suites, radiology services, & more.
  • https://www.freemanhealth.com/our-locations/freeman-neosho-hospital Freeman Neosho Hospital | Freeman Health System - Freeman Neosho Hospital, in Neosho, Missouri, is a critical care access hospital offering world-class inpatient and outpatient medical care services.
  • https://www.freemanhealth.com/our-locations/freeman-urgent-care Freeman Urgent Care Clinics | Freeman Health System - Freeman Urgent Care provides prompt medical treatment without an appointment, offering a convenient, cost-effective alternative for minor medical care.

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  • Dawn K. - Vitchelo, You've Done It Again!

    I purchased this light at a reduced price for an honest review. This is such a well thought out product, full of features that benefit anyone. The flashlight and lantern are really bright. USB charging capability, charge indicator lights, ability to charge other devices, magnetic side, flip up hangers, size of a soup can, comfortable for smaller hands (not a Donald Trump joke, I promise). A super all around flashlight lantern. Vitchelo, I LOVE your products!! Your design department rocks! The only problem I have is hiding this and my Vitchelo head lamp from my husband.

  • Heyokah - Moore Fung? Yes, Please!

    Not too little, not too much, just right. All the information I ever wanted or needed to know about fasting in one easily accessible format. And yes, I've had the book less than a day, and have only been reading for several hours, but I'm already familiar with the practice of non-religious fasting as briefly outlined in Dr. Fung's The Obesity Code, and I can see that this new book fills in all the gaps. I currently practice a daily intermittent fasting routine with a 16 hour fast, and an 8 hour feeding window. Does it work? Absolutely! I'm 69, female, and my current A1C is 4.3, my labs are all within normal limits, I take no daily medications, and I've lost 33 pounds. These are important numbers for those of us who view fasting as a journey to better health, and the accompanying weight loss as a most serendipitous side effect. Now I'm ready to ramp up my game and The Complete Guide to Fasting is just the ticket.

  • Amazon Customer - great video, great performances, almost great audio.....

    I would have given this dvd 5 stars if it weren't for the intermittantly annoying dropouts of the subwoofer audio channel which another reviewer also had complained about. Apparently they get around this flaw by only declaring it to be a 2-channel stereo mix, but the sub channel exists and does decode. I don't understand why they released it that way. Fix the sub audio channel and this would be a 5 Star purchase!

  • Travel junky - 2014 Poor upgrade

    Could install on one computer crashed 3 times on installing. Was able to install on another, but had hard time installing payroll. They have a number box to call for help, but when you call it refers you to a web page and tells you number has been disconnected. When I finally talked to an agent he said you need to give credit information for subscription 2.00 per employee per month. I only have 1 employee, still have to, then they will charge a fee at end of subscription. Sorry i dont like subscriptions. I am not that big I will go back to spread sheets. Not worth the 4-5 hours trying to install each year. Doing the paper workis less time than that.

  • Ryan - Ok but not for mopping large areas

    Bought this after the rave reviews but with 1,500 sqft of wood floors to mop once per week, I need something bigger.

  • Colt - Beautiful

    This is a must have for collectors or people who just want that something special. The package arrived on time and in good condition, my only complaint was it was shipped in a bubble wrap envelope. I am looking forward to being able to display this with the other star ornaments I have.

  • Camp Grandma - Great for handbags

    Great stuff. I usually buy when we go camping. I received two Laura Birch cloth bags and I want to keep them clean to protect the bright colors. This stuff is great.