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  • jimmy - Good Hoses

    I bought four of these 5/8-inch Flexogen hoses--25, 50, 75, and 100 feet--for different areas of yard around the house. After a season of use they've proven to be good hoses. Of course, it's very favorable that they don't leak. But what particularly impresses me about them is their notably light weight and flexibility, which make them a lot easier to handle than my previous hoses. The flexibility diminishes in cold weather, but a garden hose is less useful then anyway.

  • P. Gill - just the ticket for stag dos, rugby tours and the like

    Whilst not wanting to flog the concept to death, my review does not involve applying veet to the undercarriage. I'm somewhat of a legend scrumhalf (and lothario) in Pontyberem Rugby Football Club where I'm known for my killer haircuts. Over the years I've sported the George Michael (last Christmas) look, the Steve Beaton (the best looking man in darts) mullet and more recently, despite my advancing years and thinning pate, the Justin Beiber look.

  • Noira - Finally!

    I have tried so many natural and un-natural treatments and nothing worked but after a week of using this balm on both mine and my husband's feet ( and trust me my husband's feet had areas that felt hard as stone for years) you'd think we'd had plastic surgery for our feet (does that exist ??). I was definitely concerned when I'd read some reviews that said the formula had changed and it wasn't as good but I figured I had nothing to lose and was desperate enough so I gave it a shot and wow am I ever glad I did. I'm not sure what the difference is now that people are seeing? Maybe it worked faster before ? Who knows but it worked great for us and this is definitely one of my go to products now.