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FUNCTION's Home Page - FUNCTION at Montefiore is a collaborative group of medical specialists who treat neuromuscular disabilities

  • http://www.function.center/what-we-do.html Conditions whose complication are managed at FUNCTION - Conditions with complications that effect the neuromuscular system and other systems that they manage.
  • http://www.function.center/cerebral-palsy.html Cerebral Palsy Treatments at FUNCTION - A discussion of cerebral palsy and links to treatments for conditions associated to it at FUNCTION
  • http://www.function.center/nerve-injury.html Nerve Injury and its treatments at FUNCTION - A discussion of nerve injuries seen in newborns, children and adults and their associated conditions treated at FUNCTION

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  • Dedalist - Great for leveling wobbly tables

    Found a copy of this book at the bottom of a garbage can, but after wiping off the old spaghetti, I found it to be quite an interesting book of complete fiction. I really can't wait to read the follow-up to this book, "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up: My Political Career In Flames" by Hillary Rodham Clinton, and of course the third book in the trilogy, "Why Doesn't Bill Visit Me In Prison?" by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • Deborah G. - Piece of junk!

    I bought this in Sept. 2011. I've used it 14 times and now it doesn't work. It won't attach to my iPad2. It was ok when it worked but for the money, I thought it would last longer than 7 months! I'm an adult who lives alone so there are no little kids playing with it and I take very good care of my belongings. Buy something else.

  • Gilbert Baca - it's tea tree oil

    Tea tree oil. Decent size bottle, reasonable price. Using it to clear up toe fungus along with a nail file on toe nail. Filing the surface of the toe nail appears to be the most effective means to control toe fungus but tea tree oil helps to keep the fungus at bay. Nail fungus almost gone, allowing nail to grow back to full length now.

  • Heather Dinwiddie - Wonderful waterproof pouch! Allows for great pictures Handy neck strap! Easy open top! Great item!

    Used for over a week in salt water environment and it allowed me to take excellent pictures. It kept my phone dry. I did not use it underwater, so I am unsure of its performance in that category. The only difficulty was trying to get to the buttons on the side of my phone. The design makes it very difficult to get to them easily. The top was very easy to open and the neck strap came in handy as well. Overall a great waterproof pouch that I would not hesitate to purchase again!