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  • F. Valerio - The price to pay for no customer service

    I'll start by saying, Magic Jack is not for everyone. It does help a little if you are savvy with computers, home networks and router settings. Magic Jack Plus works great as long as your home network equipment is configured to work efficiently (QOS) and your internet service is fast, stable and reliable. Most of the complaints I read about on here have a lot to do with slow internet connections, network lag, network congestion, cable modems losing sync, etc.... I know this because I've been there. Once upon a time I had what I thought was terrible VIOP service. It turned out it was not the VOIP service but my cable signal after entering the house. The problem was I had way too many splitters on my coax lines and so my internet would work OK with the weak signal but when it comes to voice over IP there is no forgiveness for any delay,lag or jitter. All the streaming bits have to arrive in order and in a timely fashion. You see this is way more forgiving if you are just loading a web page, sending email or logging in to check facebook. It would just appear as a slight delay for the page to load. But with a phone call it's way different. A small delay of the bits streaming in could sound like your trying to talk under water, garbled, stutter or worst yet a dropped call. So it is extremely important to know if you have an excellent internet connection before you jump on the VOIP wagon. One thing you can do to test your connection is go over to and see what your speeds you are getting and check on the quality of your internet connection. On that site you can check for download speed, upload speed, ping time, and jitter. You can also compare your results and see how you rank among the rest of the other ISP's.

  • J. Morgan - Heavenly scent

    This cream smells so good, and feels so nice on my skin, that I use it where I don't have stretch marks. I had originally purchased this cream during my first pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I'm not saying the cream worked (it may just be my genetics) but I haven't gotten a single stretch mark in any of my three pregnancies. I am not currently pregnant but still use this cream because I love smelling like chocolate :)

  • Jennifer - Best Diaper Rash Cream Available

    A friend and fellow parent have us Triple Past Cream at our baby shower and told us it was the only thing they found that worked on their daughter's sensitive skin. We laughed about the name (it seems they could use some help marketing!), but gave it a try. Our daughter has very sensitive skin, to the point where she would sometimes go from having no problems to bleeding sores between one diaper change and the next. This cream clears problems up in a day or two,. It's thick and creamy and provides instant relief for painful rash. It's more pricey than other options, but we ll worth the cost.

  • Derek & Sarah - because I hate bugs.

    I haven't seen it do anything yet, however it's only been a week. I hope it's doing it's job as I haven't seen many bugs/pest on the level that the pest repeller is placed on. Not sure how this thing works, but praying it does.. because I hate bugs.