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  • Bellingham, WA - Love the face wash; allergic to this face cream.

    I have loved the face wash (see my other review) and tried the face cream today. I found it caused a burning sensation on my face, was greasy feeling and made my skin shiny. It smelled terribly perfume-y, so much so that I ended up coughing. I've had better luck with Aveno lotion on my face, but it too has a subtle unpleasant odor, although it is described as "fragrance free."

  • Joe Oren - Great clubs Great Deal

    Ordered the clubs on a Wednesday and got them on Friday. Great job by Carl's Golfland! Even better, these clubs are great!

  • Skyler - Awesome company and mattress but was just not for me.

    I absolutely love the goal of this company and the customer service has been amazing. But this mattress is not for me. I have an issue with the Star rating I'm giving it. The mattress is obviously well constructed and I love the feel of it. But it's just so firm. I have a lot of back and neck pain and it had made my neck a bit worse and I consistently wake up with a sore back now rather than my old mattress I would only occasionally wake up with back pain.

  • Amazon Customer - thank you

    I bought some for my 86 year old aunt who has severe sinus/post nasal drip/allergy. It gets so bad it keeps her up sometimes with the coughing and exhausts her. She uses so many medications trying to get some relief, plus the Neti Pot plus an electric irrigation system, plus ginger and thyme tea and Vicks. Since her health is otherwise good, I do what I can just to make sure she stays healthy and is as comfortable as can be.

  • Lady P - I love this product

    I don't usually write reviews. I love this product. It works extremely well for me. I have not been eating the best as I usually do and it still works. I'm constantly getting the comment you look like you're losing weight or what are you doing. My work requires me to be constantly moving throughout the day and I teach dance two days a week. Haven't gotten back to my workout routine but I've noticed a big difference in my clothes. it took about 3 weeks for me to notice the difference.