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  • Fred Tarburton - no plastic waste. Cleans easily

    Makes smooth coffee. Environmentally friendly.. no plastic waste. Cleans easily. Economical... Café Coffee at work sucks and costs $1.50 / cup. This device and a zip-lock bag of coffee is all I need. It'sperfect for me

  • Ashj30 - Please with my purchase!

    I have a daughter who unfortunately struggles with acne. She has some large, deep pores, and despite her best face cleaning efforts and the help of acne medicine, she still gets blackheads. Because they are often difficult to remove, and using her fingers can cause way more damage, she was looking for a good set of removal tools to help her keep her face clear.

  • Kimberly - I really wanted to like it.

    I told my husband that I am the most gullible person. I fall for anything, Nuwave oven infomercial wasn't any different. I was trying to find something that would make cooking easier and I was sold on Nuwave. It is NOTHING like it shows. In order to cook the meat completely, you have to flip the chicken mid-way through the cooking...that makes it nearly impossible to cook veggies around it. The meat drips the fat, which of course is a good thing, so you must use the rack but unless you like fatty veggies, don't put them on the lower level. I am the type of person that I make sure the meat is at the perfect tempature by using a meat thermometer. The only way I am able to acheive the correct tempature with the Nuwave oven is to basically burn the chicken skin. I tried cooking cookies...that was a freakin joke...cookie dough EVERYWHERE!!!

  • David Earnest - Nagware is Dragware.

    Absolutely worth the price I paid for it. False positives, missed real virii and a pain in the butt to remove from the registry. I recommend AVG, Kaspersky or even Windows defender over this piece of malware.

  • epete - Love It

    We have truly enjoyed this chair. We do not have a dining table (it is just 3 of us, and we are always on the go). We have only used the chair at home. My daughter does really well in it. We have been using it since 6 months and she is now 19 months.. still going strong and in great condition.

  • misrael - ... syrup but they do use sugar the gummy's are easy to chew up and swallow not too soft north ...

    The hair omega supplement arrived quickly in the mail and was very well packaged the supplement is to help out the growth of your hair and nails but also help out with your skin the supplement comes in a two pack The first bottle is strawberry flavored gummy's that has by 10 for your hair the second bottle is a citrus flavor which is also for your hair and is a complex multivitamin the gummy's do not contain corn syrup but they do use sugar the gummy's are easy to chew up and swallow not too soft north too hard you only have to take two gummy's from each bottle a day I did receive my supplement at a discount in exchange for my review

  • otherwiseknownasmom - Won't buy again

    My son says this oil is not a good product. He plays trumpet and says this oil does not last for any amount of time. We will try a different product next time.