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  • Barbara Joseph - Dr. Denese advanced firming facial pads

    I am so happy to have found this product line. I highly recommend her products without reservation!!

  • Donald A. Shinn - It seems to work.

    This seems to do the job. My well water is coming out of the well at about 4 ppm ammonia these days so I have to treat it before using it and this seems to do the trick. It's nicely concentrated and is well reviewed. It buys my bio filters time to remove the ammonia while keeping it from harming the fish. Doing water changes with tap water that's high in ammonia is counterproductive, but you need to do water changes to keep the fish healthy, so you're kind of trapped in a dangerous situation. Prime helps to make the tap water safe enough to use and my bio filters then take over.

  • hols80 - DId not work for what I needed

    I bought this, rather pricey combo (in my opinion) for my feet/nails- hoping that the oral spray would work as an added combo. For those of you with toenail fungus and looking to rid your self of it, I would not reccomend this product. Though, it may serve its intended purposes as a topical ointment. I'm just upset I spent 30 bucks and had little to no results what so ever :(

  • Severra Hudson - Luv em!

    I love these ear buds. Battery could last a bit longer, but they are comfortable and I love that they come in their own little case. Sound is great, connecting is great.

  • Thomas T Winston Jr. - I use it on long trips and get wonderful gas Mileage

    Been using it for about 7 years. It really does what it says. I use it on long trips and get wonderful gas Mileage.

  • Jerry - Does the Job

    This software does what I need it to do, nothing fancy. I like to keep track of my accounts and how much money I have in them, this software allows me to do that. I used to have an older version of Quicken and then changed computers so I needed/wanted an upgrade, I decided to get this edition and it is good to Organize your money.

  • LoveToHandCraft - If NOTHING has worked for FLEAS, this is the stuff you need!

    With a very mild winter and 4 dogs, we began Spring with a horrible flea infestation, despite having our usual precautions in place.