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  • conejito asesino - not worth the price

    Not worth the price. This is no better than ANY drug store brand. It is WAY overpriced. I ordered the 90 day supply from the company and it its costing me $230 for barely a two month supply. And the quality is not even good. Snail cream is better than this stuff. Save your money. The resurgence line, including this eye cream is a waste of money.

  • Charles B. Naumann - Crippleware

    I have been using the trial version of Home Designer Pro for about a week. I am not impressed. In spite of the impressive list of features, there are some very basic operations that are missing.

  • Alaex Nikole - I have not used them long but see a different ...

    I have not used them long but see a different in how I am feeling on a daily basis. received at discounted price

  • XmalloryyoungX - This was a great deal. I normally buy paper plates for parties

    This was a great deal. I normally buy paper plates for parties, and it's always a pain to find a good quality, at a good price and the fact that there is sooooooo many is great. I won't have to make this purchase for a long while. These are good quality paper plates, thick enough to not get greasy under from certain foods and not flimsy to handle. Whenever I do run out I will definitely be buying again.

  • Ms Spice - Curlygirl product

    This product is good for curly hair, it wont give you curls if you dont have them already. Its made to define curls but it shrinks the curls as well. I first found this product in my local family dollar store. I only paid 5 dollars for it, but the price on Amazon is not bad either because its a bigger jar.

  • DigiSuper - Its has it's advantages but...

    True, it's stainless steel and has some ribbing for rigidity, maybe that's a little too strong, but it won't hold up to a branch striking it before bending it. If the manufacturer had some form of support mounted on the underside for strength, let's say in 4 to 5 foot lengths, this gutter guard would easily match up with the better guards out in the field.