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  • D. Coop - Buy microfiber

    I was given a couple of these by a friend and thought they were great at first . . . but then discovered that any microfiber towel works just as well, at a much lower cost. I have a stack of them now, wash them regularly, and don't worry about any bugs surviving the high setting on my dryer.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like the way this works

    I really like the way this works. I have scrubbed down walls, furniture, and floors. It doesn't leave a residue like some others do, it smells fresh, and under black light, the urine stains are completely gone! I will be purchasing this product again!!........and soon, I'm almost out already!!

  • Danny - No need to look anywhere else!

    Brilliant quality. I was iffy about the velco wrist strap but its the finest qyality velcro ive ever seen, like brand new duck tape each time you put the strap on, doesnt stick to anything else either, just the strap. Great fabric nice and stretchy and hugs each finger snug. I say if you can do your morning routine in them (get dressed, handle keys, make food) theyre a great pair of functioning gloves. These do just that. Wonderful. Perfect glove for the price i'd recommend it to anyone who rides anything outside.

  • Lewis Craig Brown - a better way ...

    Well, the 1st time I've read an issue in quite a while. The app is easy and the content is articles. Ads if you want them but not obtrusive.

  • Jay Charley - a very good indoor ball

    Everyone knows this is the 'official' ball of volleyball. It's a great ball to play with, moves true through the air, and it's very 'spinable'. The color pattern is great for setters as well; it's easy to see which way the ball is spinning, and how fast. BUT this is a 'hard' ball, so while the hitters [like me] love it, the non hitters/back row players/women almost unanimously hate this ball, preferring a much softer one. In fact of all the nights/leagues I play in, only one league will use this one, all the others use a softer ball.

  • Michael - Great TV to use as a computer monitor

    I use this TV as a computer Monitor and it is very nice. The quality is great for the price and its WiFi is surprisingly quick and able to utilize my fast internet for a built in system. It is able to display 4:4:4 chroma in both [email protected] and at [email protected] while it is in PC source mode. It does indeed have a HDMI 2.0 port for at least the HDMI #1 slot. This is a great TV for the price and monitor setup.