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Grace Baby & Child - Grace Baby&Child was founded in 2013 by Ana Peixoto Almeida, mother of two girls, entrepreneur and communication specialist, who decided to embrace change and c

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  • Evan - Good Piece

    Looks much better than stock in my opinion and no trouble receiving stations in town. Worth the $$$ and a nice detail for my '13 GT500.

  • Kelsey Rodkey - I liked this a lot more than I expected to

    Kiss Cam by Kiara London was much cuter than I expected. If you like friends-to-lovers-to-awkward-encounters stories, this may be the one for you. From just the premise alone, I knew this would be a predictable and frustrating story (I mean, it's so obvious to the reader that they will have feelings and things will get complicated, and the reader will be like 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?'), but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy it.

  • jamen anderson - Simple solution to overheating evolution kit.

    To everybody having overheating issues with the evolution kit. GET A FAN!! Seriously! My kit was getting insanely hot and making my tv freeze when streaming. If it got too hot my wifi would drop. I bought a tiny 6 inch clip on fan and attached it to my tv stand in the back and pointed it towards the kit. It now stays cool to the tough and I have had no problems since. Think about it, a pc processor needs a fan to stay cool which is exactly what this is. Very crude technique but effective.

  • Charles - Great for my needs, a combination of the office and biking

    Some people don't prefer this brown/black color or talked about fading, pick-up of dirt, etc. Also yes it's canvas.