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  • Karen - Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program

    If you want a real cleanse this is the one to use. However be prepared to feel like you have the flu for a little while. Used this the first time in 2006, 68 days later, under a doctors care, I went from 140 lbs and 40% body fat to 110 lbs and 21% body fat. Please do not cheat on eating or you will hinder your progress. Also once you start it is best to finish otherwise you will be more bloated, more weight gain, more sick. I recommend this to anyone serious about getting healthy from the inside out. If you do not like taking capsules, you may reconsider. One this cleanse the first seven days, 21 capsules a day. But, it is worth every ache and pain, to see the new beautiful you in 21 days!

  • Amazon Customer - IT WORKS!!!

    Been using for three years after trying every thing else, even pill which cost $70 a month. My hair is way down to the middle of my back now. It's amazing, and cheap!!

  • N. Allen - INCREDIBLE! It really does work. And I'm an ASE tech!

    As an ASE Certified tech myself, I never had any faith in anything that is dumped in the gas tank that claims it repairs catalytic converters (or anything else, for that matter). Understanding the fuel injection system as I do, as well as the ultra high combustion chamber temps and the incinerating heat of the converter itself, I knew nothing could survive such ungodly heat and molecular transformation to "clean out" the fuel system or the exhaust system, much less the catalytic converter itself!

  • CrimsonHouse - Only a practice test

    Buyer beware! This is NOT a study guide. The first half gives general information on how to prepare for any CLEP test, most of which you can find free on the internet. The second half is a practice test. There is one page that gives a general overview of what could be on the test but there is no content to study. I was highly disappointed in this purchase.

  • Matthew J Sibille - Don't buy this book.

    Not a good book. No tips from experts. Plenty of typos throughout. Practice test is nothing like the real thing. Get a different book. No information about guarantee to pass first time like it says on the cover.

  • S.Kim - Great study guide for those just beginning to study for the ASVAB

    The ASVAB study guide does an excellent job at explaining what the test is like, both paper and computer versions, and how to study for it. I really liked how it tells students to take a practice test first, it has 4 of them, to diagnose which areas they need to study the most. I felt like the study guide covered all the material that needed to be covered to sufficiently get ready for the exam. The explanations were easy to follow, and teaches all the areas well. The only part that I didn't like was that the practice questions did not come with explanations. I thought that if students did not know how to answer certain questions, they would know that they answered incorrectly since the answers are there, but may not have the ability to figure out why their answer is incorrect. For the vocabulary section, you can just look up the words so that is fine, but for the other sections, it is a bit harder. Also, I did find some typos in this book as well. The first practice test for the word knowledge has an error in the very first problem. It asks for the synonym for hardship and the answer is hardship. There is another typo in the Arithmetic reasoning section where the question asks about buying water at the store but asks for the soda's the person bought not water. There are little typos here and there and student that have not practiced these types of questions may become very confused. I think that is why explanations are really more of a necessity now because typos, and human errors, can happen quite often but with explanations, students will be able to better tell whether there is a typo in the problem or whether they did something wrong in their calculations or their thinking. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Although there are a couple mistakes here and there, overall, I feel like this is a great study guide for the ASVAB exam for those who are just starting to study for it.

  • Matt - Great overview for your Iceland adventure!

    This book was very helpful on my two week driving and hiking adventure in the Summer of 2015. I relied on it as my only professional tour book during the trip. While it dives into deep detail on some locations / topics many entries are smaller summaries of several paragraphs in length. That's not a nit on the book, rather those small summaries provide more than enough context to do a quick Google search for more info if something catches your eye. Just enough detail without being overwhelming.