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Green Tea Health News, Benefits, Studies, Weight Loss, Cancer, Immune, Updates - Green tea benefits for health, weight loss, belly fat, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, immune system, and more. Over 6500 studies. Discover your favorite gourmet teas here.

  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/autumn-tea-party.html Autumn Tea Party, Pumpkin Scones, Fall Tea Sandwiches, Harvest Recipes - Enjoy a beautiful Autumn Tea Party with delicious pumpkin scones, savory tea sandwiches, and harvest recipes for the crisp fall season.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-weight-loss.html#greenteadiet Green Tea Weight Loss, Top 10 Ways Green Tea Helps Lose Weight Fast - Green tea weight loss research showing top 10 ways green tea helps people lose weight and fat fast, including DNA, metabolism, insulin, fat blocker, and green tea weight loss supplements.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-cancer.html#greenteacancer Green Tea Cancer Research, Breast, Prostate, Skin, Brain, Colon, And More - Green tea cancer research studies on all cancers including breast cancer, prostate, skin, colon, brain, cervical, ovarian, liver, esophageal, stomach, leukemia, lifetime cancer risk., and more.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/flu-prevention.html Flu Prevention: Gargling With Tea Reduces Flu Risk By 87% - New research on flu prevention shows gargling with green tea reduced flu incidence by 87% even after a flu vaccination.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-and-cholera.html Green Tea And Cholera: Unanswered Questions - Green tea and cholera laboratory research show that green tea catechins kill cholera bacteria. But there are unanswered questions about the use of tea during cholera infection or cholera epidemics.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/salmonella-poisoning.html Salmonella Poisoning: Can Green Tea Help? - Green tea research shows effectiveness against Salmonella poisoning by rupturing bacterial membranes and reducing sepsis. Here are the studies, as well as Salmonella sources and costs.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-salmonella.html Green Tea Salmonella Research Shows Bactericidal And Sepsis Reduction - Green tea salmonella research shows bactericidal action by bursting the cell membrane, as well as reduction of sepsis by stopping cytokine signaling pathways.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-tuberculosis.html Green Tea Tuberculosis Research - Green tea tuberculosis research reviews including antioxidant effects, Mycobacterium tuberculosis maturation, and ACP pathways.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/cold-flu.html Common Cold Flu Viruses and Tea Research, Green Tea, Black Tea - Research on common cold flu viruses using green tea and black tea. Several studies show that tea can prevent infection from viruses including common cold and many flu viruses.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/MRSA-bacteria.html MRSA Bacteria Resistance And Green Tea Antibacterial Research - Research on MRSA bacteria (superbugs) has shown that green tea polyphenols can improve the antibiotic oxycillin effectiveness by 8 to 128-fold.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-helicobacter-pylori.html Green Tea Helicobacter Pylori Research: Green Tea Profoundly Inhibits H. Pylori - Green tea Helicobacter pylori research shows that drinking green tea inhibits infection from Helicobacter pylori in a variety of ways.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/hiv-prevention.html HIV Prevention Research Review: Green Tea - Since 1989, HIV prevention research has shown green tea has anti-HIV activity, inhibiting reverse transcriptase, and now blocking HIV entry into T-cells. Review of studies.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-cholesterol.html Green Tea Cholesterol Research: 7 Ways To Protect Against Cholesterol Damage - Over 200 studies on green tea cholesterol show 7 ways to protect the body from high cholesterol damage: lowering cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis, blocking absorption, and more
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-high-blood-pressure.html Green Tea High Blood Pressure, Research On Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally - Green tea high blood pressure research, 17 studies show reduced blood pressure. Complete information on benefits and controversies.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/cholesterol-blocker.html Cholesterol Blocker: Green Tea Blocks Up To 89% Cholesterol Absorption* - New research shows green tea is a powerful and safe cholesterol blocker. Green tea blocks cholesterol absorption from the intestine up to 89%*. Review of several studies.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/tea-and-memory-over-age-55.html Tea And Memory Over Age 55: Tea Research Shows Improved Brain Cognition - Tea and memory over age 55 research shows people over the age of 55 who drink tea significantly improve several measures of brain cognition.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-stroke.html Green Tea Stroke Research: Up To 75% Fewer Strokes With Tea* - Green tea stroke research: Reducing strokes with green and black teas. Learn how tea helps your brain and blood vessels. 20 studies reviewed.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/causes-of-alzheimer-s-disease.html Causes Of Alzheimer's Disease Damage, Theanine (green tea) Inhibits Beta Amyloid - One of the causes of Alzheimer's disease damage is from beta amyloid accumulation. Research shows theanine from green tea inhibits brain damage and neurotoxicity from beta amyloid.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/hyperactivity-research.html Hyperactivity Research, Green Tea EGCG, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Hyperactivity research with green tea EGCG shows reduced hyperactivity from caffeine and other drugs
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/theanine.html Theanine Research, Alzheimer's, Dopamine, Chemotherapy, Cancer, Stress - Theanine research studies, including dopamine, cancer chemotherapy, learning, stress reduction, alpha wave, chemotherapy, and more.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/parkinsons-disease-research.html Parkinsons Disease Research, Green Tea, Black Tea, Glutathione - Parkinsons disease research including biochemical interactions in the brain, glutathione pathways, green tea and black studies.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/anti-aging-diet.html The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Diet: The History Of Calorie Restriction - The most powerful anti-aging diet ever discovered is calorie restriction with optimal nutrition. Learn how calorie restriction increases maximum lifespan, stops diseases, and maintains youth.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/tea-and-EGCG.html Tea And EGCG Effects On Cataracts, Diabetes, Antioxidants - Tea and EGCG research on cataract risk reduction in diabetes, UV light, and antioxidant pathways.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/diabetes-type-1.html Diabetes Type 1 And EGCG Research From Green Tea Shows Risk Reduction - Diabetes type 1 and EGCG from green tea research shows unusual risk reduction result.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/green-tea-chronic-gastritis.html Green Tea Chronic Gastritis Research: Studies Show Up To 37% Reduced Risk - Green tea chronic gastritis research studies show up to 37% reduced risk of chronic atrophic gastritis.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/glaucoma-causes.html Glaucoma Causes And EGCG Research, Green Tea Studies - Glaucoma causes damage through many biochemical pathways, including oxidative stress. EGCG, an antioxidant from green tea, studies show reduction of damage.
  • http://www.green-tea-health-news.com/EGCG-and-muscular-dystrophy.html EGCG And Muscular Dystrophy Research - Preliminary green tea EGCG and muscular dystrophy research shows doubling the amount of normal muscle tissue with increased muscular strength.

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