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  • S. O. Fevola - Very functional bag

    Great bag except for the hook clasps and the bulky strap control mechanism. Roomy, excellent compartments and durable.The clasp hooks are not easily manageable and the enormous plastic strap control is both ugly and difficult to manage on the go.

  • Nick Sandberg - Make sure you check the verison you are sold.

    Be very careful when orderingnthis book (or any textbook for that matter). Soemtimes sellers will sell you an international or instructor version which is identical. This is fine unless you have hopes of returning or trading it in because the ISBN numbers won't match and you'll miss the chance to recoup some of your money. It took me 2 months to finally trade this in after I figured out what happened.

  • Anna - Great support for my nails

    Weak nails run in my family and have been a problem for most of my life. In middle school I noticed that my nails would just crack, peel, and break on a regular basis. I remember how I used to admire my best friend's mom's nails in middle school, they were so beautiful and long, they just always seemed very elegant and classy. During my first pregnancy I noticed a significant difference in the quality of my nails. They were growing much longer and I had stopped having any issues at all with peeling or breaking. After talking to my doctor I figured out that the difference in my nails was the prenatal vitamins I was taking. From then on I stayed on the prenatal vitamins all the time, I am happy to have found a good, healthy, organic replacement for the store bought brands. It is my goal to never again have nails that crack, chip, and peel. The smell of these is a bit strong but they seem to be very effective and work well with my current in my regimen.

  • Jean Russell - "F" rating from Better Business Bureau

    You must give LifeCell a credit card number for them to charge shipping and handing for your promised trial. If you order the trial of this product you will receive a full size 2 month supply tube. If you do not return the unused portion of the tube within 30 days of your purchase the company will automatically charge your credit card the full amount for the tube, and will continue the automatic billing every 2 months. You must have your purchase number and fill out the correct form provided on their site to return the tube. They will encourage you to continue to use the product because it takes more than two weeks to see the effects of the cream so they can get the full money for the tube.