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  • http://www.holisticaddictioninfo.com/about-me/content/portfolio/john-giordano-phd John Giordano DHL, DHL, CCJS, MAC, CAP - John Giordano first became interested in alternative medicine while training in karate when he was fourteen. He soon mastered the sport, becoming a world karate champion. Today, through his mastery of
  • http://www.holisticaddictioninfo.com/proven-holistic-treatment/content/portfolio/book-publication Books Written - Proven Holistic Treatment For Addiction & Chronic Relapse John Giordano draws on his own personal experiences as well as his vast academic achievements to pen a tome that only he could. In his popular
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  • Mike - great trap

    Catches squirrels too easy! never fails to trap at least one, sometimes more, just give the critters a path of seed to follow and viola! We use in a bird feeding area yet they still go to the trap.

  • elbartonica - Just awfull

    Terrible!!!! I'm very disappointed of pes 2014, i 'm a loyal pes player but this time konami just this an awful game, the game it's so slow that i can not play.... Please don't buy this product, i'm gussing konami it's designing this game for playstation4 and hopefully we will see a game as good as pes 2013......

  • Christine - Can hair products spoil?

    I have been using this product for years and generally love it because it both holds and gives my fine hair some volume. Unlike some other brands, this product usually has a pleasant, fruity scent. I don't know if something went wrong or if this batch went bad, but I opened the taffy to use it and it smells as if it spoiled or went rancid. This is incredibly disappointing because I am usually pleased with the product. I think it will still work, but I worry that I will be walking around smelling like rancid peanuts. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  • Todd - As useful a writing guide as you will find anywhere.

    I have been using this book since my early college days back in the late 1980s. It's still a classic and always useful.

  • Perfect fit for a micro-ATX Socket 1156 Motherboard - Perfect fit for a micro-ATX Socket 1156 Motherboard

    I am overall greatly impressed with this HSF for its price to performance ratio and ease of installation.

  • Laurie DeGroff - Excellent Cleanser!

    Smooth and light! Very refreshing! Love love love....this product! Non- drying, it makes my skin skin so soft and clean. Your skin will thank you!