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  • Jorge Juarez - Works great. Make sure you have a QC wall plug.

    Product took awhile to receive but works great. Fyi, you will need a QC (Quick Charge) wall plug to be able to use the quick charge function - this charger only comes with a USB cable, not a wall plug - otherwise your device will charge at regular speed based on the wall plug you have. I contacted the seller and they were very responsive and explained this after I received my QC wireless charger (because I thought I had a QC wall plug, but I didn't).

  • Crystal S. - Definitely Worth a Shot!

    I began looking into more hygienic pillow cases because I do quite a bit of night sweating due to some medication I am taking. I wake up in the morning damp most days and the thought of a pillowcase festering with sweat-thriving bacteria is not my most pleasant thought.

  • Wilbur Fudd - Familiar and works well

    With so many complaints about this version why did I buy it? Laziness is the answer. I was too lazy to learn something new and convert everything to it. The other part of that answer is what would I convert to, I don't know of anything that can pull all the different pieces of a financial picture together like this package does. I also kind of decided to give it a chance despite the reported issues. Lo and behold, I upgraded without a problem and imported my accounts with no issues. Likes: Well, it's familiar (did I mention I've been using Quicken for nearly 20 years) and I know how it works. It connects with my banks and handles all the transactions. The separation of rental property accounts from personal ones yet keeping them in the same file actually works well for small time rental owners like myself. New stuff that is cool is the profit/loss view, and specific rental account views for cash flow and account overview. There is more complexity here than the 2010 version, some of which is useful. Dislikes: the Bills view is not that helpful ,I thought the month calendar view of bills was a little more useful. Projected balances unfortunately shows hidden and closed accounts, it would be better to only used closed accounts for retrospective reports rather than future projections. Overall a decent upgrade even if we long time users must pay the same as new users…well I did wait until Amazon gave a healthy discount!