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  • AZ Shopper - If you use Chrome, forget about it

    This keeps crashing in Chrome. I checked out the problem online and i see this problem going back to the beginning of the year and yet Norton STILL hasn't fixed it. This really is unacceptable.

  • Mr Magic - Truly Victorious !

    Let me start by saying that I have played games since 85- I have played about 90% of consoles that have been released and owned close to 80% of them. Recently, in the past generation I owned the Ps3 the wii and 360. I enjoyed my 360 the most mainly due to the controller and the fast operating system and online. Although I owned a Ps3 and wii. They didn't interest me as much because they seemed to be lacking on the tech. The games on the wii and ps3 games did not seem as good as to me or my family then the games and tech we got with 360.