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  • C. Hegg - Great game, questionable accesories

    While the game is pretty spot-on and a tons of fun, the gun seemed a bit unnecessary. The scope was a bit wonky and didn't properly calibrate with the game. It was actually easier to play the game without the gun. While it's a really impressive accessory, it's not really necessary to have.

  • A. Grussi - Invaluable Tool for Performance Reviews

    This thing saves my life and my sanity when writing performance reviews for my team. It doesn't do the work for you but helps you express your thoughts in a more focus and succinct manner. The sections are easy to understand and its easy to find the specific topic you are searching for.

  • jn31675 - Good for gamers

    My son is a gamer and wanted this for his birthday. He likes it, says it is comfortable. He said it is suppose to be more responsive than a regular mouse and although he hasn't really noticed it, he said he is glad he got it.

  • stktrader - Complaints not valid

    I bought Enhanced 2014 here last week for 174.00. I called today to set it up. I have used enhanced for several years since its inception. 3 employees version. Now I have 4 employees so the new system is less expensive than upgrading to unlimited older version. When you call in to set it up,assuming that you have a previous version of enhanced 2013, the attendant will delete the 2013 version and setup the 2014. You have to give a credit card to pay for employee checks beyond the 1st employee as the 1st is free. $2/employee per month plus sales tax. That is why they need your credit card to process that charge. Have the attendant remove you from the annual renewal purchase plan since you most likely buy it here or elsewhere. The overall plan for this year will cost me 266.00 for 4 employees. That is the cost of the program and the cost of 4 employees including all taxes. That is 5.12 per week or 1.28 per week for each employee check. That is very cheap considering all the monthly, quarterly and annual forms are filled out for you with a click of the mouse plus the payroll checks! Now i could save and do it like I used to; manually by hand. lol

  • Sabrina Peacock - No results at all.

    Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any results from the use of this product. No increase in hair quantity, healthiness or volume.