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HPIC - We deliver health and hope - HPIC reached 1 million people in 2015 with healing and even life-saving medical treatment. Thanks to our donors and program partners who made this happen!

  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/about/ About HPIC - HPIC - HPIC is a not-for-profit relief and development organization that delivers health and hope to the world’s most vulnerable people.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/about/mission-vision-values/ Mission, Vision & Values - HPIC - HPIC's mission, vision and values.Our goal is to increase access to medicine in vulnerable communities.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/about/healthcare-industry-partnerships/ Healthcare Industry Partnerships - HPIC - HPIC is the charity of choice in Canada for the healthcare industry’s gift-in-kind donations.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/about/policies/ Policies - HPIC - Policies of HPIC concerning privacy, fundraising, confidential information, complaints and conflicts of interest.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/about/hpic-in-numbers/ HPIC in Numbers - HPIC - Hpic in numbers, the impact of HPIC's work, number of treatements delivered
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/neonatal-handbook/ Neonatal Handbook - HPIC - Donors to HPIC and the Rotary Club of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia sponsored a second edition of Dr. Peter Iliff’s Harare Hospital Neonatal Handbook in 2013.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/donate/products/ Product Donations - HPIC - HPIC’s product donors have confidence in HPIC. Many companies have been channelling their product donations through HPIC for more than a decade.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/donate/securities/ Donations of Securities - HPIC - If you have appreciated stocks in your portfolio, there are significant tax savings in donating securities to registered charities.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/izzy-dolls/ Izzy Dolls - HPIC - Doctors and healthcare professionals who carry the Humanitarian Medical Kit give Izzy Dolls to their youngest patients.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/donate/baby-hats-slings/ Baby Hats & Slings - HPIC - All hats will be distributed through our Mother-Child Health Kit program that runs in many developing countries.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/what-we-do/ What we do - HPIC - Increasing access to medicine and improving health in the developing world are the broad objectives of all our projects.
  • http://www.hpicanada.ca/ngo-partners/ NGO Program - HPIC - HPIC works in partnership with dozens of NGOs around the world in three main ways: Emergency Relief, Donations of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Management

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  • tiffaney_311 - Read What It Can't Do Before Switching To Mac

    Read about what the Mac version doesn't support before you buy. For example, if you send an accountant's copy, you cannot continue to work until the changes are imported. Too many functions I use are not supported in this version. Hoping QuickBooks as a company will let me return this because buying it was a huge mistake. Never imagined there would be this many limitations.

  • Moe811 - Expanded and improved Critical Intelligence

    I enjoyed this story the first time around and now with the additional content, the story is even more compelling. Missy and Roi are one of my favorite couples. He is the ultimate playboy and she is feisty and takes no nonsense from him, calling him out on his horndog ways(no pun intended). The plot is full of exciting action and erotic love scenes and the dialogue is witty and often funny. The suspenseful story line had me on the edge of my seat and the Immortal Ops team has several more stories to tell, all well worth reading.

  • A User - Great Product

    The product arrived right and time and was in perfect condition and super soft. It was perfect for my sweet granddaughter.

  • Atswei - Perfect for my natural hair!!!

    I don't usually write reviews but I feel I should put this out here especially for my fellow naturalistas. I am a natural, with the 4b/4c type of hair and I know how difficult it is to manage natural hair (especially the 4b/4c type). I decided to go natural last year because I saw a friend's natural hair and I loved it. I did my big chop and was very excited..Unfortunately the products that worked for my friend did not work for me and I was stuck. I have (or rather had..thanks to cantu..hehehe) very coarse hair..it was always brittle, dull, dry and kinda stuck inside(was kind of growing inside). I hated this. I tried lots of products but they never worked..my hair was still the same; dry, brittle, dull and and very coarse. I read blogs on natural hair care and tips but I still could not get anything meaningful..It was difficult to get the right products for my afro. I considered texturizing the hair..I read about it and I was discouraged. I was on the verge of going back to perm when a friend told me to change my hair regimen..she said to do lots of deep conditioning (with egg yolk, honey, some conditioners, pure virgin olive oil, tea tree oil etc..) and use Cantu products. I was a bit skeptical since I had tried several products that didn't work..but I decided to give this a try. So I came on Amazon to search for some cantu products. I got the cantu shea butter shampoo cream, the cantu shea butter leave in repair conditioning cream and the cantu shea butter grow strong treatment. Soon as my products arrived, I did a shampoo wash.. I couldn't believe it.. the shampoo worked magic for my hair.. it freed the knots in my hair and I was able to comb as if I had conditioned it. I could actually feel my scalp breathing.. The grow strong and leave in repair creams made my hair really soft and manageable. I could comb my hair with no pain. (I know these two kind of leave residue.. but my trick is I rub a little olive oil in my palms and massage it through my hair and that takes care of it). The products kinda freed my hair..its now soft, has no knots, easy to comb or twist, looks and feels well moisturized and I can see the curls/coils are kinda defined now. The hair stretches too.. I can really see the length of my hair now and oh my gosh..I am so in love with it! I love my cantu products..now that I have FINALLY FOUND products that work for me(*whew*), I will religiously follow my daily hair regimen and I know in a month or two I am gonna be even more head over heels with my natural hair! Thanks Cantu...You guys rock!!!

  • Amazon Customer - No time lag, no problems! Have bought 2 so far...

    Bought my second one last week and am purchasing 3 more for Christmas gifts. Paired with bluetooth speakers or earbuds, this setup can easily replace the TV Ears. No more sore ears or wearing gigantic headphones just to hear Doc Martin. Works with every speaker I've tried. You might need to switch the speaker setting on your TV to External Speaker or Audio Out (via the remote) when watching Amazon Prime or Netflix. No big deal. The Miccus Home transmitter/receiver is awesome!

  • G. D. Cremer - Great looking antenna, but not good at pulling in weak signals

    Bought this to replace my stock (long) antenna, which always makes me wince when I take Tonka through my local car wash. This one is definitely better in that respect - just a few inches long versus several feet. However, I live in an area where the terrain interferes with radio signals, so that most of our stations are pretty weak. Reception was fine with my original antenna, but the Stubby Antenna had too much static to work for me up here. So....back to the stock antenna for now. If you live in an area with good radio signal strength, this would be a worthy upgrade. It's well made and well-finished.

  • Mom2Many - Almost great.

    We searched long and hard before deciding on this bike as a gift for our 16 year old son. We were all hopeful that the nearly $300 price tag would provide the same quality. The bike arrived and right off my son was thrilled. So thrilled he was okay with the broken reflector and missing break cord. We were less pleased but glad he was happy. We have searched the packaging thoroughly (and repeatedly). The break cord was not included. Kind of a big deal for a bike.