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Back Pain - This back pain resource aims to provide you with information about lower back pain, neck pain, back pain treatments, information and resources, and back pain products.

  • http://www.ibackpain.com/causeofbackpain.html Causes of Back Pain | Cause of Back Pain - Your cause of back pain may be due to herniated disks, spinal fractures, Spondylolisthesis, ligament sprains, or vertebral subluxations.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/backpaintreatments.html Treatments | Back Pain Treatments - .Back pan treatments include all of the medications, procedures, hands on therapies, products, and nutritional aids that may be used in order to make a person's back pain go away, or at least to minimize it.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/sciatica-causes.html Causes of Back Pain: Sciatica - Sciatica is caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve or five nerve branches that give rise to the sciatic nerve, and includes symptoms such as back pain, and tingling, numbness, and achiness in the legs.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/lowerbackpain.html Lower Back Pain - Lower back pain is a condition that involves symptoms in the lower back as a result if conditions such as osteoarthritis, which affects the joints of the lower back.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/physicaltherapy.html Physical Therapy - Passive physical therapy modalities include Ice/Heat packs, TENS Units, Iontophoresis, and Ultrasound, while active physical therapy modalities include back pain exercises
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/back-exercises.html Back Exercises - Back exercises include exercises such as the Set-Up, Stair Walking, and Spinal Whip exercises that engage the muscles of your back, abdomen, core and gluteus in order to treat and hopefully cure lower back pain.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/chiropractic.html Back Pain Treatment: Chiropractic - Chiropractic is a modality healthcare modality that involves thetreat of back pain from a chiropractor.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/backpainrelief.html Back Pain Relief - a healthy lifestyle and of the consumptions of products such as ginger and tumeric may provide significant back pain relief.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/resources-backpain.html Back Pain Resources - Back pain resources include any information, hands on instruction, or treatments that help you to get better, including books, back exercise videos, educational organizations, and products
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/backpain-videos.html Back Pain Videos - Here we will present some back pain videos to you that may offer you a better understanding of your own human body and what you may do to it to achieve lasting back pain relief.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/topics-painmedicine.html Topics in Back Pain Medicine - Some of the most common medications that are used to treat back pain include nabumetone (Relafen), meloxicam (Mobic), diclofenac (Voltaren), and celecoxib (Celebrex).
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/back-care.html Back Care - In order to complete and entire back care program that is designed to provide back pain relief after a diagnosis is made.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/spinal-adjustment.html Spinal Adjustment: Back Pain Treatments - Spinal adjustments are back pain treatments performed by chiropractors and osteopathic physicians to correct vertebral subluxations and misalignments of the spinal bones, joints and soft tissues.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/musclebackpain.html Muscle and Back Pain - Muscle pain may cause back pain due to strain of the muscle that affects the soft tissues of the back or injury to the joints or nerve root which cause the muscle to spasm.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/back-specialist.html Back Specialist - You may seek out one of a number of back specialists to treat your pain condition, including among Physiatrists and Osteopaths.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/experts.html Experts in Back Pain Medicine - Experts in back pain medicine are those that have been trained to diagnose or treat injuries, disease, and degenerative changes to the body that has caused back pain.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/neckpain.html Neck Pain - Neck pain is often caused by conditions that affect the neck and the cervical spine, including ruptured discs and cervical spinal stenosis.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/back-tests.html Back Tests: Diagnosing Back Pain - The most common diagnostic back tests used to determine the cause of back pain include X-Rays, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasounds, and Dynamic Radiographic Computerized Analysis.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/questionsandanswers.html Back Pain Questions | Questions and Answers - During your physical examination, your doctor will ask you several questions to determine the cause of your back pain.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/back-pain-management.html Managing Pain (Back Pain Management) - An effective back pain management problem will include treatments such as blocks using local anesthetics.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/management-medications.html Back Pain Management Medications - Back pain medications that may provide patients with some relief include ibuprofen (Advil), naproxen sodium (Aleve), and aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid).
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/herbsforbackpain.html Herbs for Back Pain - Some useful herbs for back pain include Tumeric, Ginger, Licorice, Salicin-containing herbs, Teasel, Solomon's Seal, Sweet Clover, Jamaicin Dogwood, Saint John's wort, Sweet Clover, Amica, Black Cohosh.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/supplements.html Supplements as Treatments for Back Pain - Supplements that may provide patients with back pain relief may includeVitamin B12 supplements (Cobalamin) and Protein Dietary supplements.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/products.html Products (Products Available to Manage Back Pain) - Products Available to Manage Back Pain include the Lifeform� Ultimate Executive Mid Back Office Chair and the Purefit Adjustable Wedge System.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/musculoskeletal-disorders.html Musculoskeletal Disorders - Some of the musculoskeletal disorders that may cause ligament sprains, joint pain, or back pain include lumbar spinal stenosis, cervical spinal stenosis, and ankylosing spondylitis.
  • http://www.ibackpain.com/related-conditions.html Back Pain and Related Conditions - Here is a list of back pain and related conditions, including bone fracture, osteoporosis, multiple myeloma, lumbar disc herniation, and degenerative disc disease.

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