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  • Eski - Not effective

    I'm not sure if it's the hype because I did not find this diaper cream to be very effective. My baby came home from daycare one day with a bad diaper rash. I was horrified and immediately starting searching for the best diaper cream - the great reviews made me get the triple paste. I applied a substantial amount of this at every diaper change - allowing my baby to air out as much as possible and changing her diaper often - but her rash did not improve for several days - I would've expected better results given the positive testimonials. I also found the texture of the cream to be too light/thin/soft - didn't seem to stay on her skin very well and would get all over her diaper. It's messy to use and not effective. I use Desitin now and like it better - it's easier to apply and seems to stay on her skin much better - I also don't need to apply as much and it seems to work better.

  • chumchum - rescued me.

    THis product is amazing. after high school i started breaking out big time like never before! finaly after giving up trying to find the right product and putting so much chemicals on my face...i decided to give it another try. i than found acne.org and tryed it. and it was amazing by the 3 week all my acne was going away. at first it was stinging but i didnt give up. \

  • tim barnes - Easy install. took 15 minutes

    Easy install. took 15 minutes. looks great. I was worried after I first ordered it & realized it said it was gonna take a month & a half to receive it but, it showed up in about a week & a half later via express mail. I have yet to see anyone else with it in my area. it's a great unique look

  • Terry L. Pagan - Not enough product for the money

    Works but for the expense there is not enough product for what you pay for it. Try something more natural.