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  • Tina Richards - My dog is so much happier.

    This year we have had a severe flea problem and even frontline wasn't working. On top of that, my dog is allergic to fleas. She had bald spots, her skin was dried out from all the chemical treatments I was using to get rid of the fleas and her coat was dull and thinning. I started her on Brewers Yeast and Garlic tablets (which she thinks are treats) combined with "Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray," last month and now her coat is shining, the fleas are very few and far between, her bald spots are gone, her skin is healthy and she is a very happy doggy. She also smells great!

  • Janie K - Azo Cranberry Softgels - 5 stars

    A few years ago I was getting bladder infections so often that my Primary Care Physician referred me to a Urologist. After numerous tests, the Urologist could not find with any certainty the cause of these infections. He instructed me to start taking 2 cranberry tablets a day - 1 AM and 1 PM. He also said to use only the brand Azo. Since using Azo, I've only had maybe 3 or 4 infections in the last 5 years. Since I can't always find Azo products at stores or pharmacies, I decided to start buying them online to assure I will be using the product that works for me.

  • jjkabiros - Ouch!!

    Let me begin by saying that whenever I feel an infection coming on I use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to rinse out the vagina and follow it by either the refresh gel or a Fem dophilus pill inserted inside. That has always worked for me, but I decided to try this product instead thinking it would be better balanced for my body. Immediately after using it my vagina didn't feel "right". Next day I had a full blown yeast infection that took almost a month to get rid of. I've NEVER had such a painful and uncomfortable infection. I know this is not supposed to be a "cure", but I really didn't expect what happened! Every woman's body is different and will react in different ways so hopefully this is only my reaction, but I will never use it again lol

  • Earn - this album right here is his best.. no question

    first, this album was unexpected. it came out of nowhere .. atleast to me. but i got all of his albums and i knew that there is something special about this n*gga j cole after my first time hearing him. he is hip-hop. to be honest, i stop listening to hip-hop untill his first album came out... now he the only real artist out there that i feel n relate to. this album right here is his best.. no question! i love the fact that he remembers where he came from.. i mean , thats what the whole album is about and its a good thing. he hood and staying hood and not going hollywood. love his work on this album. dare i say best hip-hop album of 2014?... well it is!!!

  • Peter San - Improved kindle formatting. Thank you!

    I would just like to thank the people at First Aid for reformatting the 2015 Kindle edition back to the way it was last year. I have updated my review to 5 stars to reflect the fact that the content is superb as always, and now it is also much more user friendly for us eBook/Kindle users. Much appreciated!!!

  • Tom Lowry - Three Stars

    Earphones are comfortable to wear and have an ok sound, however they tend to not fit too well and have fallen out twice when I am walking. I wouldn't think of trying them when running as they will fall out and come apart. It also seems that the Bluetooth signal comes in and out even when my phone is in my pocket. I don't know if I would recommend these to anyone from my experiences.