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Physical Therapy Occupational & Speech - Infinity Rehab - Infinity Rehab offers physical therapy, other modalities and incorporates a unique combination of high intensity clinical care services that achieve quality rehabilitation results for our patients.

  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/contact Contact Infinity Rehab - (503) 570-3665 - Wilsonville, Oregon - Visit our website to find more information on family resources, outpatient rehab, facility resources, careers and customer testimonials.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/blog Patient Centered Rehabilitation News - Blog by Infinity Rehab - Stay up to date on the latest Infinity Rehab company news, advances in modalities, clinicians and other healthcare tips and information.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/about High Intensity Clinical Care Services - Partner With Us - Visit our website and learn the benefits of being a partner of Infinity Rehab. Spanning nine states, our leadership includes industry-recognized therapists.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/about/leadership Contract Therapy Management - Leadership Team of Licensed Therapists - Our leadership team is comprised of licensed therapists who strive to achieve growth & work to guide customers towards success. Learn more about our team on our website.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/about/symposium Infinity Rehab University - Continuing Education Symposiums - Infinity Rehab aims to further the clinical knowledge of our employees through continuing education. Learn about the 3 symposiums we hold each year.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/business-impact Therapy Management Services for Success - Infinity Rehab - Offering clinical best practices in intensive physical, occupational & speech therapies, Infinity Rehab has established itself as the industry leader in therapy management.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/business-impact/program-consultation Build a Strong, Successful Rehab Program - Consulting by Infinity Rehab - Infinity Rehab specializes in individualized consulting plans to help current rehab programs implement new practices & regulations to build a stronger business.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/business-impact/from-our-clients Client Testimonials Tout the Value of Our Rehabilitation Programs - Infinity Rehab therapy management services can take your practice to the next level. View our client testimonials & visit our website to see how we can help you.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/business-impact/innovation Innovate to Advance - The Leader in High-Intensity Rehabilitation - Through the continuous implementation of new technology to be more efficient & cost-effective, Infinity Rehab has set itself apart as an industry leader. Learn more here.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/clinical-expertise Quality Clinical Care - Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy - Our rehab services span a variety of care settings. Learn about Infinity Rehab's quality clinical care, skilled nursing centers to inpatient & outpatient facilities.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/clinical-expertise/aging-in-motion-successfully Combining Physical Therapy Services with Fitness Programs - AIMS - Aging in Motion Successfully - AIMS, is Infinity Rehab's signature program. It is a comprehensive health model that accommodates all levels of patient needs.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/clinical-expertise/equipment-and-technology Customized Therapy Approaches with Specialized Equipment - Infinity Rehab utilizes innovative equipment in conjunction with our trained therapists to yield the best results & a complete recovery for our patients.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/clinical-expertise/links-of-interest Therapy Resources & Associations - Infinity Rehab - View our resource directory for information about the associations to which we belong, the states in which we operate & useful health care & therapy information.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/careers Therapy & Healthcare Careers at Infinity Rehab - Learn about a healthcare career at Infinity Rehab. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, competitive wages & opportunities for continuing education.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/careers/meet-the-recruiters PT & OT Jobs - Recruiters at Infinity Rehab - Contact our recruiting team for PT & OT career opportunities at Infinity Rehab. Our recruiters are here to assist you.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/careers/professional-development Investing in Our Therapists Through Professional Development - To keep up with the ever-evolving healthcare industry, Infinity Rehab is dedicated to furthering the professional development of our therapists.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/careers/employee-testimonials Infinity Rehab Employee Testimonials - Learn about what it is like to work for Infinity Rehab. Read our employee testimonials to see if a career at Infinity Rehab is right for you.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/careers/employeereferral-program Recommend Top Talent to Work at Infinity Rehab - Employee Referral - Take an active role in selecting new therapists for Infinity Rehab. If you know a talented Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapist reach out to them & refer them today.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/students Clinical Internship Program - Student Opportunities - Engage in an active learning experience through Infinity Rehab's clinical internship program. Gain access to different care facilities & prepare for a career in professional therapy.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/students/mentorship Embracing Collaboration - Infinity Rehab Mentorship Program - Infinity Rehab offers new graduates & full-time therapists mentorship opportunities. Our mentors serve as a resource for guidance & clinical questions that arise on the job.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/students/advice-for-new-graduates Advice for Recent Therapy Graduates - Infinity Rehab - Visit our website for helpful information & guidance for recent therapist graduates. Let our resources aid you in making the right decisions for your new career.
  • https://www.infinityrehab.com/students/continuing-education Continuing Education - Grow Your Professional Therapist Career - Infinity Rehab wants you to reach your career goals. We offer access to continuing education through symposiums, our student affiliation program & mentorship program.

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