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Insight Communications Pty Ltd - Insight Communications Pty Ltd is a boutique communications consultancyspecialising in providing excellence in communication practice to threespecific Australian business sectors; not-for-profit, the arts and thecorporate sector.

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  • A to Z - Not sure yet

    A lot of the reviews i read states they spray this and soon they find a bunch of dead roaches. I never did quite experience this. I mainly concentrated my efforts in the kitchen then dinning room and finally living room but i sprayed about 70% of the bottle in the kitchen over a period of few days. I did notice after the 2nd application i saw more roaches visibly wandering about. I would then step or kill them with the broom. I then did nothing for the next few days and decided for a 3rd application. Right now there isnt much left in the can maybe about 5-6 more sprays left. Still no visible corpses (maybe 3-4). Its now right around the 2 week mark since first application. Although i havent seen many dead roaches i have noticed a drop of live roach sightings. This is especially true when given the light test. Turning off the kitchen and dinning room light off for a few minutes then turning them back on. Not sure if they are going back to their nests and dying there or they simply scattered to new hiding spots. Might wait a few more days before deciding on buying another can or going a different route.

  • Arno Oesterheld - Pictures looks great

    I love watching movies outside and I have a different projector but it is wireless and doesn't stay charged up long enough to watch a full length movie. This projector is electric and has a built in speaker. Upon plugging up I did notice the fan is pretty loud, not to big of a problem but it is noticeable. Now I havent been able to watch movies from the usb yet I don't think I have the right cord but I have been able to view pictures and they look amazing on it. The color is bright. Everything is pretty easy to work on this. It has a remote with all the functions and most of the buttons is on the top of the projector as well. The is a knob thing on the side you can turn the the size and how well it shows on a screen. I had it pointing on my ceiling and it looked great. Even though it has a built in speaker there is still a place to hook up a different speaker for a better sound.

  • A. Nigel - Was wonderful on Kindle HDX but...

    My review relates to the digital edition of this magazine. When I first started using cooking light on my Kindle it was okay but not great. Then cooking light took their time to create a wonderful digital magazine. By pressing a save button on the recipe page you could (without having to leave your digital edition) view reviews and you could save the recipe. You could maneuver throughout the magazine. Best thing they ever did. It was touted as a wonderful enhancement to their magazine . And they were right. Lots of fanfare when this came out. Then without even an explanation they took all of this functionality away. I'm so disappointed that they didn't communicate that it was costing them too much to keep this going. I have been a loyal subscriber for many many years and never got a reply from several emails and a phone call I made regarding this. Finally somebody in customer support told me that they were not going to have such a robust digital edition anymore. I still subscribe but it's just not the same. For anyone expecting a robust digital magazine like National Geographic you will be sorely disappointed. I can't imagine how Cooking Light will survive in this digital age. Sad.

  • jewelz - I bought this Retinol crème with a Vitamin C serum ...

    I bought this Retinol crème with a Vitamin C serum. I am not sure if it is this or the serum or the combination of the two, but let me tell you....My turkey neck has been noticeably diminished. My neck is a constant source of embarrassment but with this, I just can't believe it....I have seriously tried everything. I had almost given up....I will NOT stop using this with the vitamin C. Life changer for real. I have to tell you, I don't write reviews much....but this is truly a product I believe in 100%.

  • William Carsey - High quality item

    Bought this jelly roll pan to bake pumpkin rolls. It is a heavy duty high quality item that i expact will last for years. I give it 4 instead fo 5 stars because the UPC label was almost impossible to remove! Guys, they make peal off labels. It's bakeware!

  • John The Carpenter - Life Saver!

    No longer shall I have to disturb my families' slumber using my laser guided compound mitre saw to cut precision banana slices!

  • R. Evans - This is AWESOME!!

    Just purchased this for me...ummm I mean my son hehe ;) Other than my finger tips are very sore, this game is very fun and frustrating at the same time. The game will slow down and go at your pace in order to teach you but will also speed up if you are more advanced. You can go over and over each section as you need it. The only thing that is confusing and I'm very new at this so it may be more clear as we learn more each day is that on the training section when it gives you a percentage complete there is no instruction on what makes this number higher.