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  • Kat568 - RASH

    The cleanse started out quite well. I lost 6 pounds in ten days. However on the 11th day after taking the mns packs I began to notice a hot red RASH on my forehead. It quickly spread to the sides of my face and then my neck. Then behind my ears. My face was puffy and my back began to burn from the rash also spreading there. Because it was quickly getting worse I had to end up taking a trip to the emergency room. I had nothing else that day but the packs, spark and replacement meal. Needless to say I won't take these products anymore.

  • Callaway - they.....work. =)

    So, I'm on a neurotic "detoxify" everything streak. I have absolutely no reason for this. I didn't even read anything that made me want to...at least, I don't remember doing that =)

  • Vic Watford - Quiet and smooth!

    After reading the reviews here, I went to Home Depot this morning and bought the Compact. I planned to install it myself, and did not buy any extras. I could always run back to the store if I needed. The hardest part of the entire installation was getting the old disposal out. I think it was the original installed by the builder 20 years ago. Once I got the old one out, the rest was a breeze. The instructions covered everything well enough that I had no problems, inspite of my wife's questions about whether or not I had ever done something like this before. I did not have to move or replace any plumbing. I did need my wife to push down on the sink collar while I attached the rings underneath. Everything went together well, no leaks. I even took the tension clamp off the old one and used to secure the power cord coming from the wall.

  • Alan Marquez - Would Buy Again!

    I've had my eyes on these shoes for a while now, So I finally decide to get them and they fit great and are super comfortable. They look great and would buy them again in another color, I am very happy with my purchase.

  • argentinamazing - The best

    Absolutelly the best shampoo ever. I think you barely need conditioner, it is very rich and light at the same time. Love it!

  • bag991 - Perfect case for Apple Pencil users

    Perfect case for Apple Pencil users. Feels good but I'm guessing with the material it might fray over time but not bad for the price.