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Augusta University Reproductive Medicine & Infertility Associates - We offer a wide range of infertility services including in vitro fertilization and oocyte donation supported by a successful Reproductive Biology laboratory. We can help with male problems related to infertility, hypogonadism, and genetics. We specialize in menopause, pediatric gynecology, such as problems with development, abnormal periods, and hair growth. We also offer preconceptual and prenatal genetic counseling.

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  • Jonathan Marsh - Worth the price: Modern staples included and it's FNM Competitive deck to boot.

    This package has some amazing value inside of it, especially if you are new to the Modern format as I was. The deck is a W/B Tokens build with a disruption package. It fires off very well, and can put a major beat down on your opponent if they don't take you seriously. At FNM, I posted a 3rd place finish out of a field of over 20, beating Pod, RDW, and U/G Infect along the way. The key thing in this deck is the value you get for your money; I paid $50, deckbox.org lists the value at around $150. High dollar staples like Path to Exile (3 of), Sword of Feast & Famine (1 of), Elspeth, Knight Errant (1 of), and Inquisition of Kozilek (2 of) are included in this solid deck. If you are new to Modern, or just want to pick up a new deck to play around with, there is enough value included here to justify purchase.

  • GingkoGirl - I like it, but...

    I've been starting my mornings with kapha tea lately, and this one is very good. The flavor leaves a nice warming "buzz" of spice on my tongue. Having it in tea bag form makes my mornings less hectic(vs. pulverizing fresh ginger, grinding whole spices, etc.) And I like supporting the company that produces it. The down side? My local supermarket carries a kapha-like tea (similar spices) that is less expensive and just as flavorful/effective. You can also order it directly from Maharishi Ayurveda and the shipping charge is much less. I may buy this tea again, but I won't order it through Amazon.

  • Kiley M. Triplett - Great book

    I think this book was written about my husband. Lol. Seriously, I couldn't have picked a better book for our toddler, because it fits my husband so perfectly. He loves to listen to me read it to him, and throws several little gibberish comments of his own in as we're going along. It is a super cute book that any child who thinks his or her father is a superhero (and who doesn't?) will love to read or have read to them over and over.

  • Jenny - Stubby Antenna Review

    Great product. Transforms the look of your Mustang. Quality is high, no missed reception. Installation is just screw on and you're there. Overall, I recommend this.

  • E Body Driver - Hair regrowth

    I've used this product for several months now-- I'm not sure it is working as well as I'd like, but it seems to be slowing or stopping the loss of hair. So, this is a plus

  • Amazon Customer - J U N K

    JUNK. 5 months after buying it, it just decided not to record any more in the middle of the day. Replaced the sdcard, thinking it was bad, but it didn't help. I changed all the settings back to default and it would just sit there. NEVER again will I purchase this brand of equipment.