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James Dewhurst - Discover Your Reinforcement Solution - James Dewhurst design and manufacture high performance engineered reinforcement fabrics to ensure an optimal performance.

  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/news/ Textile News - James Dewhurst - What's the latest in textile news? Check out our news posts to find out more about the world of textiles and our role in the textile industry.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/media-and-resources/ Download Technical Manuals - James Dewhurst - For your ease of use, we keep all of our technical manuals, brochures, certificates, and other useful media as downloadable content here.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/careers/ Textile Careers - James Dewhurst - Looking for a new opportunity? Why not become part of the team at James Dewhurst? We have six locations around the world that are offering textile careers.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-story/global-contacts/ Global Textile Contacts - James Dewhurst - Do you have any questions, comments, or ideas you'd like to send along to us? If so, please get in touch with our global textile contacts.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/ Textile Industry Sectors - James Dewhurst - As a global leader in the textile industry, we have dealt with a wide range of projects throughout many different industry sectors.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/building-construction/ Building / Construction Textiles - James Dewhurst - Building and construction textiles are largely made of reinforcement scrims in order to reinforce the fabric of our homes.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/geotextiles/ Geotextile Reinforcements - James Dewhurst - We manufacture geotextile reinforcements for a variety of applications including soil stabilisation, surface preparation and pond/pool lining.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/industrial-products/ Industrial Textiles - James Dewhurst - James Dewhurst manufacture reinforcement for a wide range of industrial products, including belting, packaging, tapes, and other industrial textiles.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/packaging/ Packaging Textiles - James Dewhurst - There are many uses for reinforcement within the packaging textiles industry including scrim reinforcement of envelopes, sacks and tissue as wrapping solutions.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/automotive-and-transport/ Automotive and Transport Textiles - James Dewhurst - James Dewhurst has a selection of scrims currently used to create seating, trim and tape applications for automotive and transport textiles.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/industry-sectors/health-and-hygiene/ Health and Hygiene Textiles - James Dewhurst - James Dewhurst provides a variety of health and hygiene textiles, from protective garments to wipes and cleaning products.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/products-and-solutions/ Reinforcement Fabrics Solutions - James Dewhurst - We manufacture high quality reinforcement fabrics for a wide range of end uses. From preselected scrims to custom products, we are able to meet your needs.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/products-and-solutions/woven-textiles/ Woven Textiles - James Dewhurst - Our flexible loom technology and huge bank of competitive yarns make James Dewhurst your ideal partner for high performance industrial woven textiles.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/products-and-solutions/laid-scrims/ Laid Scrims - James Dewhurst - James Dewhurst manufacture a wide range of high quality laid scrims - the perfect solution for your reinforcement needs.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/products-and-solutions/laminated-scrims/ Laminated Scrims - James Dewhurst - Our laminated scrims offer the option of delivering added benefits to the main reinforcement properties of our products.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/products-and-solutions/custom-made-solutions/ Custom Textile Solutions - James Dewhurst - Do you have an idea or project in mind that James Dewhurst can bring to fruition? If so, we can provide custom textile solutions for you.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-capabilities/ Our Capabilities in Technical Textiles - James Dewhurst - Our capabilities in technical textiles allow us to offer our products to many industries requiring reinforcement and stabilisation.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-capabilities/about-technical-textiles/ What is a Technical Textile? - James Dewhurst - What is a technical textile? Technical textiles are fabrics that have specific functional properties for demanding environments.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-capabilities/processes/ Reinforcement Scrim Processes - James Dewhurst - We have fine-tuned a number of scrim processes, thanks to our technical expertise and development capabilities, which solve your reinforcement problems.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-capabilities/research-and-development/ Textile Research and Development - James Dewhurst - We have applied the skills of our dedicated textile research and development team to develop a plethora of innovative products and machinery.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-capabilities/quality-assurance/ Textile Quality Assurance - James Dewhurst - We put time and effort in to assure our products deliver the highest textile quality possible. Our products are subjected to testing to ensure quality.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-story/ Our Textile Story - James Dewhurst - Our textile story begins with our origins in 1933 as an innovative weaving business. James Dewhurst has grown into one of the largest textile manufacturers.
  • http://www.jamesdewhurst.com/our-story/our-locations/ Our Textile Manufacturing Locations - James Dewhurst - We have multiple locations worldwide to fill the demand for technical textile manufacturing around the globe, including Asia, the United States, and Europe.

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  • No one - No pesticides...

    I hate people that spread misinformation. One of the reviewers claimed there are high levels of pesticides in Celestial Seasoning's teas. It's a bogus claim. The company addresses it on their website.

  • Likes good stuff - Useless Norton 360 software

    I should have saved my money. I can't see that it does anything to help the save operation of my system. I will never buy a NORTON product any more. My old out dated software still works better than this ever did and forget support. They are no help.

  • Monica - Great for sinus infections and bronchitis

    I've gotten this several times when in Germany. Wish it was more readily available in the US. Great product that clears up the phlegmy cough quickly without all the side effects of many other meds. Definitely worth the price. And like many other German products it's homepathic-like made up of eucalyptus and other natural ingredients.