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JuJu Reusable Menstrual Cup - Made in Australia - JuJu Reusable Menstrual Cup replaces tampons and pads. Made from medical grade-silicone in Australia, JuJu is hypoallergenic, convenient and better for the environment. Make the switch today. Buy online!

  • http://www.juju.com.au/pages/Benefits.html Health Benefits of Menstrual Cups: Hypoallergenic, Chemical-Free, Latex-Free, Environmentally Friendly, Economical Feminine Hygiene Products - JuJu - The health benefits of menstrual cups: they are an organic, hypoallergenic, perfume-free, chemical-free feminine hygiene product for better vaginal health. It's the best alternative to tampons and pads, a green product that saves you money!
  • http://www.juju.com.au/pages/User-Guide.html How to Use a JuJu Cup: How to Insert, Remove, Clean, Sterilize and Care for a Menstrual Cup - JuJu - JuJu is an Environmentally Friendly Sanitary Product Worn Internally to Collect Menstrual Flow. Cups are Comfortable and Reliable. Switch from Disposable Tampons and Pads to JuJu Today!
  • http://www.juju.com.au/sizes/ Menstrual Cup Models: Choose a Menstrual Cup Size Based on Age and Childbearing History - JuJu - JuJu is a convenient discreet innovative revolutionary product that can be worn by women of all ages. Available in 2 cup sizes or model based on age, children and pelvic floor tone.
  • http://www.juju.com.au/safety/ JuJu Safety Information: Medical Grade Silicone Cup, Latex-Free, Toxin Free, No Dyes, Colours, or Perfumes. TGA Approved - JuJu - Australian Made Menstrual Cup: TGA Approved! Comfortable, Safe, Latex-Free Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Cup. JuJu is the only Australian Made Menstrual Cup - JuJu
  • http://www.juju.com.au/faqs/ Menstrual Cup Tips: Helpful Information on Comfort, Leaking, TSS, IUDs, Exercise, Virginity, Trimming the Stem - JuJu FAQs - Questions on emptying, public toilets, trimming the stem, leaking heavy periods, virginity, folds, exercise, coloured cups, toxic shock syndrome and more! Great for heavy bleeders, hikers, swimmers, backpackers, travelers and active women.
  • http://www.juju.com.au/products/JuJu-Menstrual-Cup.html Buy JuJu Menstrual Cup online | Australia Wide Shipping - JuJu menstrual cup for women looking for a safe reusable green alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Buy online. Fast delivery. Delivery to regional Australia, Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide.

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  • Cody - Must Have!

    This is a must have for any truck with a trailer hitch attached. I keep my spare key in there at all times. Its great to have when going to the beach and you don't want to carry your phone, keys, money, etc on your person.

  • JimR - Service was great, product good.

    The product was not available locally as it it a seasonal coffee. It is great when really fresh, but not so great when it has aged a bit. The service was great, but the product was not as fresh as when purchased locally.

  • ILoveLivingRural - Works Okay But Don't Expect Miracles. Worked Great On Our Headlight Lenses!-Edit: DO NOT Use On Headlight Lenses!

    This is not miracle cure for dull black plastic but it works okay. I would recommend using this on newer cars or trucks that haven't seen years of weather.

  • tinman6g - No NYC Forms?

    I wish I could give zero starts as review. I ordered mine back in April but did not get a chance to file until September. I didn't open the box to install since I noticed on the box that Federal/State forms were included. No Mention of Local (NYC forms). Worthless program. I did the returns by hand as I had no choice. The return window was 1 month after purchase so no I am stuck with an unopened box of outdated worthless tax program!

  • Stephan S. - Works...but not for what we bought it for...what?

    Oh my, look at all these reviews! It's a mix of "this tamed by possessed baby" to "this made my tame baby possessed". What is a parent to do? Well hopefully our experience will help. But then again, let's not forget all babies are different (it's almost like they're individuals or something). So for us this has been a good purchase, but not for the reason we bought it. Wait, what?

  • Courtney - Bye Bye Dead skin

    The OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling is one of the first products that I purchased on my own for my skin. Till now, I was just using the products being used by my mum, but somehow they convinced me to purchase the product for myself. I thought I was gonna get a mouthful for spending so much on a single product, but luckily for me, my mum fell in love with it as well. I really liked the OROGOLD Peeling because it made the skin feel really really soft and smooth. The whole experience that this product has to offer makes the price worth it. It is definitely the best peeling that I have tried. And mum plans to hit their stores in the near future for more products. YAY.