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Zamenis LTD - Group of Business Advisors - Zamenis LTD - ZAMENIS provides extended services in management, advisory and mediation in various fields of activities. ZAMENIS extended network provide a great benefit to our customers interested to start doing business in countries where nothing has more value then the optimal local setup and network.

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  • Great Shopper - Passionate

    I originally bought Alone sung by: The cast of Glee and they do a good job. Then I remembered the group heart and when I hear the passion, the love in the music I thought this is the difference between loving a song and singing a song. Heart does an awesome job. Thank you.

  • Christopher Huckeby - DO NOT BUY THIS FOR PORN

    Good lord this makes pornography terrifying. Watching sweat pool in the pock marks on the inside of someone's thighs is absolutely horrifying.

  • oliver - Unusable unless you want to spend more.

    I'm a tenure guitarist that's been playing for over 10 years and Rocksmith has been my favorite way to practice and learn songs. This game will challenge you in the best and most fun way possible.

  • bekv - One of the few skincare products I will definitely re-buy..

    I've been using this product for over three weeks and I'm very happy with it. I have combination skin that is very sensitive and prone to hormonal acne along my jawline. It is VERY hard to find products that work for me. I use this right after the acure facial cleanser for combo to oily skin, these are the only two products I have been using and my skin is looking great. It's very soft and glowy. I use it for my face and hands. I tried it on my hair twice but it made my hair too oily. I'm not upset about that though since I bought it for my face. The only thing I don't really like is the smell, it's strange, but I've gotten used to it, and I will continue to use it for the results it gives me.

  • Amazon Customer - Gorilla Glue Rules!

    As a fan of Gorilla tape, I had high hopes for this product -- and I wasn't disappointed! My brother leaned on my towel bar and knocked one end off the wall...you know the kind: ceramic holders on both ends with a connector bar to hold the towels. Since the ceramic holder was affixed to drywall, a big chunk of the wall also came off. I read all the reviews of adhesives for this type of task and chose carefully. I followed the instructions of dampening both surfaces before applying a small amount of glue (it expands). Result is that the towel bar is now firmly re-affixed to the wall, and you would be hard pressed to know that a repair had been made. Once again, Gorilla to the rescue!