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Dr. Ethridge | Welcome to our Practice - Dr. Kathleen Ethridge is a board certified pediatrician practicing pediatrics and adolescent medicine in Seguin since July, 1990. A native Texan, she graduated with highest honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy.

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  • joanne - Best Teak Oil on the market!!!

    I have an older boat with a teak swim grid on it, and it has never looked as good as it does now. This oil is the BEST I have ever used. The swim grid looks like it is new! This product is amazing.

  • Terri - Great product for cats!

    I use this product on my cat, and I was afraid with the rough edges it would hurt him. He loves, and wants to be brushed all the time. My only recommendation is to use the product outside because of the amount of hair that comes off. I am seeing less hair in my house with a weekly brush!

  • XicaSuzie - They're a keeper!

    I really love these Nike's. I bought the light gray ones a month or so ago and really wanted to get either pink or purple ones. I ended up going for the purple ones and have worn them 4 times this week already and I just got them on Tuesday!

  • Vashan 81 - Great book

    Yessss Lucinda girl u did yo thang I can't get enough of the Godfrey brother's. I'm sad it had to end. I'm glad u didn't give up on us

  • Jack - Lady Gaga at her best

    Loved Gaga since Just Dance. Joanne shows a different side of Gaga. She ditched the Disco dance music for a more country rock side. Gaga pulled it off and made the best album of her career

  • Marc Bridgham - addictive and yuge

    I have stuck with and come back to GD more than any match 3 I've played. Each level or city has multiple levels and I wish, you could.move to new.cities faster or.earlier. colorful and lively cascades and bombs. When I think about the scope of this game it's a little overwhelming.