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Home - Ultra Electronics, Nuclear Control Systems provides its customers with capabilities and systems to support a full ‘defence in depth’ approach to the nuclear industry spanning high integrity reactor instrumentation & control, life extensions and upgrades and nuclear emergency management systems. In all cases the focus is on equipment requiring formal safety justification or qualification.

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  • Todd Strandberg - A Great Read

    One senses the fear building. "The end is near!" A mental image of the little bearded man in a long robe holding a placard affixed to a wooden stake with those words in broad red letters comes to mind. Only it isn't a cartoon we are facing, but the end of the world as we've known it. Planet earth is about to--because of powerful astral alignment dynamics--most likely suffer instant pole reversals, thus horrific tectonic plate shifts. This will cause the catastrophic end for most, perhaps all, human life. This is the fear of proponents of ancient Mayan Calendar predictions.

  • Tricia B. - Great stroller for short trips or long walks!

    I bought the B-Agile on a whim because I saw a great sale and had been salivating over some of the higher-end strollers that were fairly compact. So glad I went for it! I love that it has a higher weight limit than a lot of other strollers that are similar -- I have a 2.5-year-old son who is quite big for his age and wanted something he wouldn't outgrow anytime soon. So here is a breakdown of the pros and cons:

  • Fastphoto - A little better than the 2011 & 2012 version!

    All of the older versions of Streets and Trips have the same problem as this version. When I plan a long trip, I know what time the Motels will let you check-in. Often the trip planner will overnight you where there are no motels within 50 of 60 miles on their selected route. For example we want to follow a certain road for historical reasons and no mater what you select as to the preferred roads, IF you do not select a place on that road every 25 miles or so, the planner will send you someplace you did not plan to go. We prefer certain motels because we have a dog that must go with us and the road planner helps us find the motel we want within 25 to 50 miles of where we desire to spend the night on the route we want. Hard to do but manageable.

  • Johnolds - Working for me

    I have been using Almased for close to 2 months now, and while I'm not following their plan religiously, I have so far lost 12 lbs and still loosing. What's nice about this diet is you can make it your own, use it to fit your own needs.

  • JC605 - Recommended

    We use this almost everyday. For the price I don't think you can beat it. A very simple design, easy to clean, sturdy, and fits every cup we have in the house. We also use less coffee using the pour over instead of the coffee pot, which is also nice.

  • Ken Grant - Completely Unexpected

    I got this book for my wife as a gag gift because we are always wondering where we can stop on road trips for gas, food, or whatever. We just completed a 3000+ mile, 19 day road trip covering 7 states (six twice), I tried the book out when we were ready for our first food break and was surprised at how detailed it was. We loved that it told us which direction to turn once we pulled off the Interstate. Unfortunately it was not able to tell us what gas prices were at the stops, but I suppose that is understandable. This new book now looks old and battered. It is dog eared and bent. We'll use it a lot in the future. I do wish it covered other highways than just interstates. I understand that to cover every state and county road would be a stretch, but if it could include federal highways that would be a great help. Thanks for the book.

  • Amazon Customer - I was having terrible stress-related breakouts for a couple of months

    I was having terrible stress-related breakouts for a couple of months. It seemed like every day the problem just continued. I decided to try this pillowcase and I am happy to report that since using it my breakouts have cleared up 99%! I'm so happy for such a simple solution. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is having trouble with adult acne.