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Lactation Consultant Portland IBCLC | Lactation-911 - Tina Louise Buie is an IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant in Portland, Oregon with over 17 years experience helping mothers and babies with breastfeeding.

  • http://www.lactation-911.com/breastfeeding-the-first-48-hours/ Normal Newborn Sleep and Breastfeeding Patterns - Normal newborn sleep and breastfeeding patterns, guidelines for number of wet diapers per day, off-center latch technique. How many minutes to breastfeed?
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/how-to-asymmetrical-latch/ How To: Asymmetrical Latch Breastfeeding | Lactation-911 - When learning to breastfeed your newborn baby, perfecting the technique of How To: Asymmetrical Latch is important for successful comfortable breastfeeding.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/when-to-call-the-lactation-consultant/ Call the Lactation Consultant if you Experience Painful Latch - If you are experiencing pain while breastfeeding, it's time to call the lactation consultant. Here are 16 other reasons to seek professiona assistance.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/why-breastfeeding-matters/ Why Breastfeeding Matters | The Benefits of Human Milk - Learn about the benefits of human milk, including immune system boosting properties, lower incidence of SIDS, higher IQ, and lifelong health benefits.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/thrush-yeast-breastfeeding-self-care-tips/ Thrush (Yeast) Breastfeeding Self-Care Tips - Lactation-911 - Boil everything for 20 minutes per day after one use: bras, bath towels, bottle nipplies, toys, pacifiers. Calendula and gentian violet may be applied.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/video-resources/ Video Resources - Lactation-911 - http://www.lactation-911.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/newborn-breastfeeding-good-latch.jpg
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/services/ Lactation Home Visit & Office Visit with Free Follow-up - Lactation Home Visit in the greater Portland metro area, un-timed and including no mileage fees to certain suburbs with free phone follow up.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/blog/ Lactation Blog Posts | Lactation-911 | Portland, OR - Lactation Blog posts from IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant including breastfeeding, cosleeping, engorgement remedies, breast pumps, and sore nipples.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/about-tina/ IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant Tina Louise Buie - IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant Tina Louise Buie runs her own private practice, Lactation-911. Over 27 years experience from La Leche League to IBCLC.
  • http://www.lactation-911.com/contact/ Schedule an Appointment | Contact Tina | Lactation-911 - For one-on-one support in your own home or in my office, please schedule an appointment for a lactation consultation. Serving Portland and surrounding areas

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    "To access the USB port for recharging/PC transfer purposes is located under the Viewing Panel, requiring you to flip open the Panel then opening a cover to get to the port. I would prefer it located somewhere that didn't require my Viewing Panel to be opened up in order to charge.

  • HSHOBX - This simply works for nail and hair! Afraid to bite my nails anymore or I'll break my teeth!

    I've always had short, bitten-to-the-quick, bleeding stumps for nails. All my life and I'm in my late 50's. Started taking this stuff in 2013 and within a few months (before I was half-way through a bottle) I was afraid to bite my nails anymore - they were so tough I was afraid of breaking my teeth! First the first time in my life, I actually had to cut my nails!

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    Worked as advertised on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner SR5 (the model with the plastic fender extensions). I removed the old, torn mud flaps; and these fastened on with only a minimum of effort. As others have noted, they are a little shorter than the originals, but they look good installed. I've had them on for about a month; we'll see how they hold up.

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  • Jamie - This product is great for my son to gain weight

    This product is great for my son to gain weight. He is an extremely picky eater and this bottle of PediaSure not only gives him additional vitamins and nutrients that he needs, but also doesn't have a chalky-like after taste to it like some other nutritional drinks have. He prefers it ice cold and we typically substitute it out for milk, although we do push him to finish a bottle at every meal (which usually doesn't happen, but we try anyway). I also haven't noticed any side effects or the amount of sugars negatively influencing how he acts when he doesn't have his quota of pediasure each day. Overall this is an excellent product that my son enjoys drinking, which is a plus because he's on the low end of weight and BMI.

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